Sirf Tum 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Roshni blames Suhani

Sirf Tum 24th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ansh pouring the powder on the chair with the evil plan. In the morning, Vikrant sits on the chair and gets itching. He starts scratching and shouts calling Mamta. Suhani is sitting and comes out. He asks Vikrant if everything is fine. Vikrant asks her to call Mamta first. Suhani says Mamta aunty is sleeping, she is unwell. Vikrant says call Ranveer or Vikram. Suhani says nobody is at home. He says he is having itching and asks her to call Mamta. Suhani goes to Mamta and tries to wake her up. Vikrant shouts calling her. Suhani sprinkles water on Mamta’s face and thinks how she can have such a deep sleep. She thinks her fever is normal, and her pulse is fine. She thinks a person can have a deep sleep, either if she/he has taken medicines or some drugs. She tries to wake her up and checks for the injection. Vikrant removes his jacket and is scratching himself. Suhani finds the injections in the first aid box, to wake up Mamta and to relieve Vikrant’s itching allergy.

Asha comes to Vikrant and tells that she has brought oil for him. Vikrant says go and call Mamta. Asha says Mamta is angry with you. Vikrant says she is taking revenge from me and asks her to apply it. He recalls Vikrant pushing her and asking her to leave from his life. A fb is shown, he asks her to get out from his life as he is already married to Mamta. Asha cries. Fb ends. Vikrant asks her to do something. Asha applies oil to his scratch injuries and gets happy. Vikrant thanks Asha and says I am feeling much better. Mamta wakes up and comes out of the room to see Asha applying oil to Vikrant’s body. She shouts Asha and asks what is happening here, you started doing cheap tricks with my husband. Asha says stop it Mamta, I tried to help him and not playing any tricks. Vikrant asks her to apply lep/oil. Mamta says no. Vikrant says I was calling you, but you didn’t listen to me. Mamta says I won’t let this thing happen in my house. Asha asks her to leave her hand and pushes Mamta to make her fall on the floor. She says I am doing this with Vikrant’s consent and don’t need anyone’s consent. She says only Vikrant ji can talk to me in high tone or can stop me, other than that I will not listen to anybody else. Mamta asks Mata Rani, how this can happen.

Ranveer visits the temple and climbs the stairs. He comes inside and prays to Mata Rani about his mother. He says he is lucky to have such a mother and says he will never let her respect and pride get less infront of the world. He says he don’t want her mother to have any pain, and he will get all her pain. Pandit ji says he has seen for the first time that a son came to pray to his mother, and asks him to feed prasad to his mother. Asha walks towards Vikrant to apply lep to him. Suhani throws shawl at Vikrant. Asha’s lep falls down. Vikrant asks what the hell. Suhani says she is a medical student and says your allergy shall be covered, so that you get peace, you don’t need any oil or lep. She takes Mamta from there. Asha is furious.

Suhani tells Mamta that Ranveer is your son, so I am your daughter. She says till now your son was with you, and now your daughter is with you. She tells that Ranveer has gone to temple for you. Mamta asks her. Suhani says yes. Asha comes there and says you are my bahu and shall support me, and shall not interfere between Mamta and me. Suhani says I am not your bahu or your son’s wife. She says I respect you as you are my elder, but I can differentiate between right and wrong. She says Mamta aunty is Vikrant uncle’s wife and you should have called her. Asha asks what wrong did I do, that I help her. Suhani says you would have taken consent from Mamta aunty or should have woken her up. She says we take permission from the patient or his family before we do the procedure. She says you haven’t done it. She asks Mamta to come.

Roshni confronts Asha for applying lep to Vikrant and says such woman shall not be allowed to stay in the house. Asha says Mamta haven’t taken care of him. Ranveer says enough and says I went out for sometime and you showed your true colors. He says I had told that my mother shall not get tears in her eyes. Asha tells that Vikrant was calling Mamta, but she didn’t come, so I helped him without thinking about myself. Ranveer says it is wrong to create conspiracies, then reaching him for help inorder to get close. He says you have hurt my mom and now you will not stay here. Asha swears on Ansh and says I didn’t do anything. Vikram says nobody was at home, when this thing happened with Bhai saheb. Roshni says if Asha is right then Suhani might be behind this conspiracy. Suhani asks what are you saying, I have handled the situation by giving medicines to Mamta and Vikrant. Roshni asks from where the medicines came in the first aid box. Suhani says even I was surprised seeing the medicines in the first aid box, then I thought Ranveer might have kept it, so I started the treatment. Roshni asks Ranveer if he had kept it. He nods no. Roshni says I think Suhani is guilty and asks her to say why did she do this? Suhani says I haven’t done anything. Asha asks her to swear on Ranveer and tell that she didn’t do. She says when I have sworn on my son, then you shall swear too. Suhani says I know that I haven’t done anything wrong and that’s why I will not swear. Roshni says only the people who has done wrong refuse to swear. Suhani says I was trying to handle the situation in Ranveer’s absence. She says if Ranveer wants then I will swear. Roshni says either she has to swear or accept the crime.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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