Sirf Tum 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Honey creates big misunderstanding between Ranveer and Suhani

Sirf Tum 23rd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Honey talking to Ranveer and asking if he trusts her now. She lies to him that Suhani called her to take revenge from him. She recalls calling Ranveer and telling that Suhani sent her to take revenge from him. Ranveer asks her to get her treated and tells that Suhani can never do this. fb ends. Honey fools them and makes Suhani hears him saying that now he will get her hatred and pain. Suhani believes Honey and cries. She recalls Dadi’s words and tells that I was thinking to give you second chance and was thinking to return to you, but no, you have hatred in your heart. Honey thinks nobody thinks about crazy and mind blowing Honey. She says they will always hate each other and will think that I am on other side. She says she has snatched my husband from me, now you will have revenge and pain, this will be my final plan and laughs.

Sudha asks if Suhani is not picking the call. Dadi says phone is off. Sudha gets worried. Dadi asks Ishaan to get her college number. Honey then provokes Suhani and asks her to trust her and asks what did you get by trusting Ranveer, you got hatred. She says Suhani’s mind will be small now and hurts her, says this is the best of the best game, as game is over. Dadi calls college number and talks to the professor, and is told that she didn’t come to college. Sudha says she is in trouble. Ishaan asks her not to worry and says I will go and see. Sudha asks him to go and asks if Ranveer found Suhani and did something wrong. Dadi says he can’t do wrong with Suhani.

Sudha asks Dadi to take Ranveer’s help and call him. Dadi says Suhani will not feel good. Honey starts dancing tandav dance and hurts Suhani. A guy jumps in there and looks at tied Suhani. Honey takes the gun and dances. The guy throws the net on her. Honey asks how did you come here Ranveer. The guy ties her in the net and runs to unconscious Suhani. He frees the rope. Honey asks him to free her. The guy cleans Suhani’s injury and applies the ointment. He gives injection to Suhani. He calls her Dr. Suhani and sprinkles water on her face. Suhani gains consciousness and sees the guy, who is wearing the mask. She asks who are you? He removes the mask and shows his face. Honey looks at him. He says hi dr. Suhani, I am Dr. Aditya. He says you might not heard my name. Honey says I will burn you alive. He says you will go to jail now and grind the chakki. Suhani asks when you saw me. He says you didn’t see me in Dean office and I had come to your house to meet you, but you sat in cab and went, when I followed you, I saw her kidnapping you. He follows the car and reaches there. Suhani thanks Aditya. He says we are classmates and will meet. He says we are friends now and will help each other in any situation. He asks Suhani if she is fine. Suhani says I am much better. Police comes there and arrests Honey. Suhani says your game is over, and even Ranveer’s game, give my message to him. She goes. Dr. Aditya goes behind her. Police takes Honey with them.

Dadi says this person is the devil and curses Honey. Sudha says Ranveer was helping her and is equally guilty. Dadi says we are with you and asks her to remember that she is a nice girl and someone will help her surely.Aditya comes there and greets them. He says hi to Ishaan. Dadi blesses Aditya and thanks him. Sudha says you don’t know us, but saved us.Aditya asks them not to make him stranger and tells that Suhani told that you people are searching rented house, and tells that he came to welcome them in his house. He says he has a big house and they can stay in his house. Suhani says we will manage, you don’t need to stress. Aditya says if you get more good offer than this, then I will name myself circuit. He says his family stays in Delhi and comes to meet him sometimes, and he gets bored. He says I will trouble you for home made food, other than that no worries.

Precap: Suhani tells that she hates Ranveer and wipes his name from the diary. Meanwhile Ranveer develops hatred for Suhani and burns her pictures.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nonsense show.makers themselves wil watch that new jokers entry pairing with mad suhani who has lost her brains.such useless female will become a doctor who is already a brainless female.from day one episode she has blammed & misunderstood ranveer so as her family.ansh ka mangalsutra gale main pehn kar ghumti thi aur ab ranveer ka do din main utar diya.without mangalsutra sindoor that new joker will think she is single and suhani can also have love affair and marry him.from Monday new love story Aditya suhani.dadi ke liye Naya dilip kumar Aditya ranveer ko chodke.suhani ki family ke liye Naya damad.uske Ghar rehne wale hain suhani ka naya sasural.he is also rich staying alone.his parents entry after 4 episode suhani ko Bahu banane.sabke pair chukar aashirwad le Raha Hain.ranveer ko bhi invitation milega yah coincidentally pahuch jayega.ranveer taught her how to use surgical knife to put stiches and that ungrateful female forgot everything.i wish she & her family regret so badly but makers will never show this.infact ranveer friends must also hate suhani for her ungratefulness.they must tell her that if your father is alive today is just cause of ranveer.without your knowledge he has always helped u.they must curse her for her behaviour.

    1. Omg calm down it’s not Suhani’s fault. I would never marry a disgusting toxic man like Ranveer, he’s a terrible husband, he’s a terrible person. Why did he help Rakesh now delivering the injection? That’s because Ranveer kicked Rakesh, he could have killed him. Ranveer never faces consequences, his mother was too weak, Ranveer called Suhani his like she’s some kind of property, he is so bad. Both Ranveer and Ansh were disgusting, it’s obvious they were Vikrant’s sons. Now I hope Suhani stays happy with Dr. Aditya. Please be smart makers and don’t ruin Aditya’s character! Aditya is a savior, a good guy, a real doctor. He’s so better than toxic insecure male Ranveer.

  2. Actually u r right she deserves joker as u said like new entry aditya.v request the makers just end the story with joker & suhani it is fans r not interested in watching a jokers love story.original leads ke romantic scenes itne nahin hue utne ab is joker ke honge.pickup drop bike main hoga.ab sab kuch naya joker damad karega.pagal suhani ko hasayega khilayega pilayega nayi zindagi dega.ranveer ka mangalsutra toh nikal diya.ab sirf formality baki hain divorce ka on papers.sab kuch toh arrange naya joker show suhani ki shaadi unlimited hain.suhani ke liye Roz ek shaddi normal hain.abbtoh uska pagal baap ka utna baki hain.ansh bhi apni maa ke saath Aya tha sab ke pair Chu kar suhani se shaadi ho gayi.phir ranveer se shaadi ki ab thesri shaadi hogi suhani ki is joker se.dono joker perfect hain ek doosre ke liye.ranveer did not leave her neither he told her to leave he is right on his words.this ungrateful female left him.she is a thankless selfish female.cannot even think she is so foolish.she is believing that syco honey who is mentally not stable ,this shows suhanis mental status.

  3. Yes of course suhani is a female without brains.if dr.nigam has arranged the medicine,can anyone leaves the medicine on the doors?any person with little brains will definitely think how medicine r kept outside the doors without informing the house people.

  4. I’m glad they both hate each other, in this way Ranveer will not go looking for her like crazy. She left him, went to another city and changed her phone number and she thinks she is soo important that Ranveer will send that Sycho to torture her. The way Suhaani’s family hate Ranveer now, the same way Ranveer’s family should also hate Suhaani including his friends, John and Raghu. What a thankless family, non of them had a benefit of a doubt that Ranveer can do such a bad thing.

  5. I mean non of Suhaani’s family had a doubt that Ranveer cannot do such a bad thing. I thought the grandmother will be sensible enough to doubt but she is the same as them.

  6. Suhani life is spoiled due to his father.he never wanted her to study further.anyhow it happened.after ranveer coming in to her life he helped her in many ways & it’s ok he had personal interest so he did so but he never hurted her.her marriage with ansh cause of her father as he blackmailed her of his last she got her own life partner ranveer but all started again due to her mad father again.he came in between and he slipped.misunderstanding hatred started due to this man Rakesh her he will force her to start new life with new entry Aditya and leave ranveer and give him divorce.reason he never liked all dream sequence will start of Aditya with suhani.cause he started loving suhani.ranveer is a negative character for makers is only running due to Vivian Vivian show will end.same happened with Shakti and Shakti they brought Sameer opposite saumya and then later on another character who saumya married show ended up.madhubala also there was a leap & it started with new hero face but he did not even manage the show for 3 weeks and Vivian was again brought back.vivian is good actor and he has genuine fans.rubina drashti r also good actors so they have good fans till sharukh Kajol r great jodi and the show goes up with their superb performance same applies to Vivian paring up with drashti and Rubina r great.eisha ranveer pairing is good but makers r more concentrating eisha with new character as punnet Aditya instead of Vivian.

    1. No need of new entry makers can easily run the show with Vivian and eisha without separation.they r good actors but makers r wasting their caliber by getting new entry
      Hopeless track nothing left in the show they will realise it soon.

  7. It all started when Ranveer fell in love with Suhani as soon as he had seen her. Everything happened to poor Sühani because those who have plans on Ranveer ruined Sühani’s life, especially Ranveer’s father, Rhea, Ansh. All this was done by annoying screenwriters. They ruined their beautiful love. They thought of such ugliness that there was no love left. This series became a series of intrigues. In the Shakti series, they turned the beautiful girl into a bis*xual girl and turned that beautiful love of Harman Saumya into something disgusting. In Madhubala they killed the lovers etc. Frankly, these Indian screenwriters do this all the time. They are the enemies of lovers. I think they are jealous of lovers and love because they do not have lovers or nobody loves them as in these series:) I cannot find any explanation for this nonsense scenerio in which there is supposedly love. Instead there is animosity for love.

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