Sirf Tum 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani gets felicitated in college

Sirf Tum 21st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Rakesh that Suhani’s alliance is fixed first time itself and says Suhani is good, and anyone will like her. Rakesh tells Suhani that he is really happy, as everything happened as he likes. He says the guy is really good, I was very worried about your marriage, now I can live peacefully. Dadi asks Suhani to freshen up and says we will celebrate your good news. Suhani rushes to her room. Sudha asks Rakesh to think again and says we are hurrying up for marriage. She says once Suhani fulfills her dream, we will get her married. Rakesh says we will continue her education, after her marriage. He says I am alive today, but don’t know about tomorrow and that’s why I want her to marry. Suhani looks at Dr. Suhani Sharma’s apron and cries. Sudha comes there. Suhani says you was awake all night to make this apron for me, and says you made me see this dream, then why you didn’t stop papa from fixing my marriage. Sudha says I am not just a mother, but also a wife. She says I can’t see his condition, and says I am grinded between husband and kids. She says when you needed me, I became a mother, and when your Papa needed his wife, I couldn’t stop myself. She tells that the guy is really good and I had talked to him myself. She says he will not come inbetween you and your dreams, you will get a good family. Suhani says you used to say that the thread is in sasural’s hands, the more you try to fly. She says I am not happy with this alliance and cries.

Next day, Suhani comes to the college. Her friend asks her to come and see what preparation, Ranveer has done for her. Suhani sees Ranveer preparing for her felicitation. Ranveer sees her and waves his hand. Dean comes there and says you have done a limit, you have left your own felicitation and doing arrangements for Ms. Zimmedari felicitation. He says everyone shall learn to fulfill responsibility from you. Suhani sees the banner and asks Ranveer why is he doing this? Ranveer says you have scored 99.9 percent in your first semester. He says you have broken my record of 98 percent, and I am really happy that you broke my record. Suhani says this is first semester result, why did you do this? Ranveer asks do you think that I have done this. He holds her hand and takes her to the stage. He says very soon, your batchmates, your senior and family will come here, and your name will be on everyone’s mouths. He says I haven’t done this, this is our college tradition to felicitate the first year toppers. He says you have achieved this on your own and asks her to imagine that her batchmates will be inspire from her, and her seniors will see her journey. He asks her to live this moment. Suhani imagines. Dean comes and asks her to come on the stage. Suhani goes to the stage and gets felicitated by the Dean. Rhea and Ansh gets upset. Suhani thanks Dean and goes to show the award to her mother. Sudha asks what is all this? Ranveer says this is your daughter’s hardwork and says she has scored 99 percent in college and broke one record too. Sudha says you have given me a big happiness. Ranveer says Suhani has achieved this due to you. Suhani thanks him and gives the credit to her success to him. Sudha thanks him for calling her here. Ranveer says I knew that this moment is more precious for you as well. Kamini comes there and asks Sudha, why did she stop here? She says auto driver is waiting. Sudha says we have to go for shopping. Suhani says I have class now. Kamini is about to tell about her alliance, but Sudha stops her. They leave.

Roshni shows the jewellery to Mamta and asks her to guess, for whom she has bought this? Mamta says for whom? Roshni says for would be bahu, Rhea. Mamta asks her not to see impossible dreams. Roshni says we have to make it possible and says Rhea is worried since the landslide incident. Mamta asks if I shall ruin Rhea and Ranveer’s life as he loves someone else. Roshni says he will listen to you. Mamta says there is no solution for this. Roshni says Rhea has to become the bahu of the house, as Suhani will bring destruction in the house.

Sudha, Kamini and Suhani come home. Dadi says the shop keeper is waiting for them. Suhani asks why this shopping is needed. Kamini makes her sit and covers dupatta on her head. Suhani asks what is going on? Kamini says tomorrow is your roka and we are making arrangements for it.

Precap: Ansh tells Ranveer that today is Suhani’s roka and that’s why she is not coming to college. Ranveer comes to Suhani’s house and shouts her name. He grabs the groom’s collar angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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