Sirf Tum 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ansh kidnaps Suhani again

Sirf Tum 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranveer playing football in the playground. He teaches about the game to the fellow players. Ansh comes there with Rocky and Rishi, and says you give good lecture to others, but missed about Suhani. He sees Suhani coming there and says she herself came. Rishi feels pity on her, and says he heard that ranveer announced engagement with her and then called off the engagement. Ansh says he is the son of a rich father, might be done with her and that’s why left her. He says he don’t have wealth, but he will make her his, with his body and heart. Ranveer gets angry and is about to hit Ansh, when Suhani calls him and then asks him to beat Ansh, so that he don’t take anyone’s name. Ranveer stops himself. Ansh says Suhani is my wife, I can do anything with her. Suhani says I knew you will do opposite of what I say. Ansh says you have failed my plan Suhani, but he has another plan.

Suhani works in the canteen and serves the snacks to everyone. Ansh pretends to get a call and says Maa met with an accident. He says someone admitted her to hospital and have a blood loss. Rishi asks what is her blood group. Ansh says A positive. He pretends to be teary eyes and asks if anyone’s blood is A positive. Suhani says my blood is A positive. She brings her purse and asks him to come.

Riya tells Mamta that she has brought these clothes for her. Mamta says you knows my taste more than me. Riya says you know mine. Ranveer comes there and tells Mamta that he wants to talk to her. Mamta goes. Suhani tells Ansh that hospital is that side. Ansh says who is going to hospital. Suhani says you lied to me and asks him to stop the bike. He stops the bike and scolds her for taking Ranveer’s name in college. He breaks her phone. The truck driver opens the truck. Ansh locks Suhani in the truck and says he can’t search you after today. Suhani thinks how will I inform Ranveer, how will I get out from here. Ansh sits in the tempo with driver. Suhani says stop it. Suhani recalls Ranveer giving her back up phone asking her to send him location whenever she is in problem. She takes out the phone, and finds the battery low. She calls Ranveer, but Riya sees the call and rejects it. She says I will not let Suhani come near you.

Ranveer tells Mamta that he don’t want Riya to come here. Mamta says Riya has all the qualities of a good bahu and wife, and asks if he wants to stay unmarried all life. Ranveer says I have broken up with Suhani, that doesn’t mean that I will get related to anyone. Suhani sends the location. Riya looks at the mobile. Ranveer comes and takes back his phone. He sees Suhani’s phone and leaves from there. Suhani finds the phone battery dead and thinks to stop the tempo anyhow. She hits on the tempo and tells Ansh that she has to go to washroom. He asks her to sit quietly. Suhani says I will not go anywhere and says I need to go to washroom. Ansh asks driver to stop the tempo. Ranveer is on the way. Ansh opens the door and asks Suhani to get down. He tells that he don’t want any drama and asks her to come fast. Suhani goes to the washroom, thinks to make Ansh wait for some more time, so that Ranveer can come here. Ansh calls Suhani. Suhani says I am coming. She takes out the glass pieces of the window. Ansh asks her to come out fast. Suhani climbs up and jumps down through the window. She goes from there and asks the lady to give her stole, says she will be back in 2 mins. She covers herself and is about to leave. Ansh is about to break the washroom door, when Suhani comes out from washroom and slaps him for trying to break the door. Ansh says I will see you later and asks her not to think of eloping, else Ranveer’s life will be in danger. Suhani says I will go and buy water. Ansh says it is in the tempo, come. She gets inside the tempo. Ansh asks driver to drive. The driver tries to start the tempo and tells Ansh that he has to check the engine. Suhani recalls putting a small wood piece in the exhaust pipe. Ansh asks him to hurry up. Suhani prays to Mata Rani to send ranveer fast. Ranveer reaches somewhere and thinks this is the last location, where Ansh has taken her.

Precap: Ranveer stops Ansh and asks him where he was taking Suhani. Ansh says, she is my wife, I can do anything with her. Ranveer says, didn’t you understand after what happened in Kashmir? and hits him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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