Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode7 -A flashback episode :part 2

Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa love episode 7-A flashback episode:part 2
Sorry guys, it is a short epi.
Part 1 :Read Here

Feb 12
Arati , mihir and their gangs surrounded Raman
M:what is your plan..ah..
R: what…
A: raman don’t play a fool..all except you stupid and my bestie stupid knows that Ramsn and Ishita are in love ..then why these dramas…don’t know about that stupid…she doesn’t even confess to me about your relationship. .
R : everything has a right time Arati.. give time.. some time…
A : raman today is 12feb and this our last year it is now or never…
R : arati it is a bet…that she will confess in these 2 days otherwise…
A : otherwise..
R : otherwise Mihir will shave my beard and hair..
A&M : what…
M : (like crying) do you think iam a barber .
A : chup Mihir…Raman you gone insane for ishu..
R : really I do…
A : actually Raman..I am in love..

All boys including Raman jaws down..
R : and who is that unlucky guy..
A : (in mind your sole enemy and after thinking):”Guru”
R : who is Guru… ( guys becoz of first day incident Raman and guru are foes .Guru is a pet name and Raman only know Guru’s real name .Arati knowing there will be a fight between haven’t told the real name of Guru to him.)
A boy : arrey vo… (before he could complete arati signalled mihir and mihir closed the boy’s mouth with his hand and to distract Raman)
M : and what are you planning for him Arru..
A : ask this stupid to help na..
R : me ..! Let me first make my route clear then we will see..
Meanwhile ishita came…and standing behind Raman..
A : but raman..(she acted as crying)
M (couldn’t see any more drama):I am going bye… (shouting) so your bet pakka na..

Ishita (confused in mind BET)
R : aaa
A : and what about me…
R : just go to hell…
A : I will not leave you..cheater (left acting)
Ishita not hearing all the conversation Was in hyper and thought that Raman cheated on Arati.. I(in mind): how can he do kumar..(a lil loud)
Now only our Raman turned..
R : oh..tum..just saw your friend condition will also be like that…
I : what..
R: (in mind ) tum bhi na…idiot..
Actually he thought that the confession is over..
R : ishita..tomorrow you should say I love to me infront of everyone or else..
Ishita was at cloud 9 but arati’s case..thought he was playing with her
I : or else..
R: (in mind )or else i will confess first and beg you to cpfess infront of them and save myself from getting shaved..
& thinking that is ishita playing with him..
R : I will kiss you in public..
Ishita was dumbstruck. ..she didn’t expect this from Raman…
(Me :these ppl na overthinking and making misunderstandings)
Ishita couldn’t say anything..and when crying..
And our sensible raman thought that she was acting like arru…
R : my plan will work..

Precap : anything can happen..

Sorry guys my app got unistalled so all my writing got deleted… I will be oftenly irregular like read and support..

  1. Superb dear

  2. Jasminerahul

    how will raman react knowing guru’s real name? ishita thought ramAn cheated aarti.what a misunderstanding. .raman’s confession was sweet.oh saying about kissing her really made her what will happen?
    where were you?really missed your updates

  3. Rashita

    Nice one…. Last ishra scene was nice the challenge he gave to her…….?????????

  4. nice update

  5. nice and very cute one…really confused about what will happens next….

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