Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love Episode 17

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So today it is time for a dhamakedaar episode

after the fight the seniors left.
Ishra was hugging each other and singing
Juniors : oh ho
Shivaay : please stop romantic couple
ishu was blushing got up
Madhu : Raman sir we have programs to do please get up
Raman : kya Yar
Ishu : Raman can we dance
Madhu : yea Toh dhamakedaar Hoga
While Raman was Thunderstruck
Shivanya : there is a mix of good songs here..
Gopi : but we don’t know steps..
Ritvik : we will go free styles…
All :Done.
Shivanya : my baby is so intelligent (kisses ritvik)
Ritvik blushing and all looking at them in disbelief..
Mihir : ok ok which is the first song..
Gopi : naino mein sapna..
Shivaay : perfect…ishra first it’s your turn…
Ishita nodded…while Raman still in disbelief..

While Arru was busy calling Guru and is tensed..
Madhu coming towards her…
Madhu : what is it Arru…
Arru : yar that seniors has some hidden motives.something is no right..

Shivaay (through Mike) : sorry for the inconvenience…ladies and gentlemen… so now let’s start with the most romantic couple in the college and can you name them
audience : Ishra Ishra Ishra
Shivaay : yes baby… so put your hands for our Ishra it

Madhu : we will think abt it later…come we have pranks to do..
*Guys they are dancing with lipsyncing..*

(Taa thaiyaa taa thaiyaa o o…, dhum tan nan.)
Raman couldn’t take his eye of dancing ishu
(Nainon mein sapnaa sapanon mein sajanaa )
Ishu made expression…

(Sajanaa pe dil aagayaa ke sajanaa pe dil aagayaa… )
Ishu is a sassy way kept her hand on the chest and looked at Raman…

(Nainon mein sapnaa sapanon mein sajanaa
Sajanaa pe dil aagayaa ke sajanaa pe dil aagayaa… )
Raman kept smirking…so ishu came him and playfully slapped him..
Raman came to sense…and held ishu..

(Kahi albele dheke jawani ke rele dekhe )
They dance is each other hands..

(Hasino ke mele dekhe dil pe )
They eyelock…

(Tuhi chhaa gayaa… )
(Nainon mein sapnaa sapanon mein sajani )
Raman danced with expressions
(Sajani pe dil aagayaa ke sajani pe dil aagayaa )
And they reached the middle of stage when( suddenly ishu went down and Arati came up…

Both Ishra and Arati was surprised while shivaay madhu hifi ed .

Song changed..
Shivaay came to stage
:Oh shonduri..
Tomar monta diye jao
Tara tari eshe jao

(Oh sanam oh sanam oh sanam.)
Raman & Arati understood the master planners and winked at each other…

Raman(jumping forward) : Tomar monta diye jao
Tara tari eshe jao

Tang tang tang…
Trio Dancing while Raman located ishu…

Raman pointing at ishu…
: Tune maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…

Shivaay hitting Raman ‘s hand
To Arati..
S : Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re
Tang tang tang…

While dancing Arati stamped on shivaay’s foot
S 🙁 expression : what are you doing )
Arey taada taadi karna
R : (I will say expression and started hitting him)
ab nahi sudharna Phootne laga hai
S : (running out of the stage )
Arey chaahaton ka jharna

Arati stayed..
Ishu(with a Mike ) : Oye Oye oye .
Aka Chikee Lakee Chikee
Chikee Lakee Chu

Arati smiled

Arati taking the Mike her her..
:Mai Khwabo Kee Shehjadee
Mai Hu Har Dil Pe Chhayee

Gopi (coming from backstage)
:Ho, Mai Khwabo Kee Shehjadee

Pointing to themselves
Ishu: Mai Hu Har Dil Pe Chhayee
Arati : Badal Hai Meree Julfe,
Gopi : (smiling): Bijalee Meree Angdayee

Arati : Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee
Gopi : Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee
Ishu :Kehti hai mujhko Hawa Hawai
Arati : Hawa Hawai..
Them doing the iconic step..

Raman in srk style…
:Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane…
Coming towards ladies…
:Poochhoon To Main Zara
Near Arati patting his and her shoulders..
:Ladki Hai Ya Hai Jaadu
Near Gopi touching her face…
:Khushboo Hai Ya Nasha
And they dance…

Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane
Towards to ishu but shivaay came and started dancing…
:Poochhoon To Main Zara
Angry Raman move towards Gopi..
:Ladki Hai Ya Hai Jaadu
But madhu pushed mihir towards her and both started dancing..
Khushboo Hai Ya Nasha
Raman made Puppy face while ishu made sorry face..

:Paas Vo Aaye To
He slowing moved towards Arru while madhu trying hard to make Ritvik dance with Arru he he was scared and didn’t go..?
:Chhoo Ke Main Dekhoon Zara
So when Raman was near Madhu started dancing with Arru..Arru?

:Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane
Raman was left alone…
Poochhoon To Main Zara
And all danced…

Ritvik to shivanya.
:Yeah.. O What A Look, What A Grace
Tenu Hi Karan Main Chase
What A Naksh What A Nain
Dil Tera Ho Gaya Fan
What A Smile, What A Style…
Ritvik and shivanya smiled and blushed..

Raman continuing..
: Kabhi Soft, Kabhi Rude Kinna Tera Attitude
Ishu stared at him in disbelief…

While madhu and Arru pulled in Pragya
And Shivaay and Mihir pulled in Abhishek

Abhishek :
Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Taad Ke
Aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke

And danced the step in movie..
All amazed..when pragya

PragyaA:O Teri Ankh Da Ishaara Mujhe Fraud Lage
Abhi stared.
Tu Toh Majnu Aawaara By God Lage
Abhi like oho..

Abhi :
O Kasme Waade Khake Apni Pocket Money Bacha Ke
Aaya Tere Liye Paise Waise Jod Jaad Ke..

Our Gangs joining them and the playing the steps from movie..
(Ghar Waalon Ko Bhi Bye-Shye Bol Baal Ke
Aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke
Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Taad Ke
Aaya Dilli Wali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke)

Last Bg music of the song..
And hugging and enjoying…
Arru madhu shivaay side hug and dance and shout…?
Mihir and Gopi mild dance..?
Ritvik and shivanya romantic dance..
Abhi pragya stare dance ?
While our Ishra was just looking at each other and smiling and blushing…?

All over…

Our gangs dispersed..

Midnight ishu phone ringing
Caller: hello..
Ishu : say it Raman
Caller : hello sorry to disturb you.. it was a last call in this phn.. its owners met with an accident admitted in City Hospital please come you…
Ishu : what is I am coming coming?

Ishu:Arru Arru wakeup…Raman has met with an accident please come with me..?
Arru : I knew it… come on..come on…I will call Mihir?
By the time they reach the hospital Mihir was already present and Shivaay were there with the bandange
ishu : shivaay what happened what happened shivaay : that seniors they took revenge on US that guru was also there and they only injured me little but they just …Raman has head injury.. doctor said 24 hours observation
Ishita was shattered and started crying uncontrollably
Shivaay :sorry..ishu..
Ishu : it is all because of me…?
Mihir : no..ishu..
Arru (seeing ishu) I will leave that seniors what do they think about themselves..I will not forgive Guru for this..
Saying this, she went out…
Ishu : Mihir pls go and stop her..
Mihir ran after her..
Ishu continued crying..while shivaay didn’t knew what to do so he sat near her…

After sometime.. doctor came…Ishu ran towards him…
Ishu : it Raman..
Dr : he is can meet him…
Ishu was relieved when she noticed poor shivaay sleeping in chair…
She asked him to rest and that she will handle things…

In Room…
Raman was lying on the bed..
Ishu went near him and called him..
he slowly Open the Eyes and he started acting Raman :Ishu.. look what that they have done with me… because of you only I am having this

and he still try to get up but he falls and he acts in pain out..ishu helped him and make him sit and then she started crying
Raman : kya yaar madrasan.. I am alright.. I am alright ji I was just asking don’t cry Baba..
Ishu started hitting him..
Raman : ouch.
Ishu was scared..?
Raman : just kidding…?
Ishu hugged him..?and abt to kiss him..
When Abhishek entered..?
Raman ?hide behind ishu thinking he beat to beat him again.
Abhi said sorry..
while ishu was angry ?
Raman forgive him..abhi smiled..
abhi( in mind) : who want ur forgiveness ..?
Abhi held ishu ‘s hands…and said sorry
Ishu forgave…
Raman : ( in mind) please get out… Yama..?

In past present
Raman : he is always a Yama in ma love story..?
And made a puppy face…?

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  1. VeNus2574

    Sorry…I uploaded it yesterday…

  2. Jasminerahul

    dance scenes were so interesting. ishra dance was romantic. superb song.shivay raman aarti dance was funny.abhigya rivanya dance was nice.shocked about raman’s condition because of the really guru involved in it?hospital ishra scene was nice.Raman abhi monologue was funny.waiting for the next part

  3. Awesome update fulfilled episode ishra scene was so lovely

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