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Hello guys Aadyasha here,

Some off you couldn’t access through the Introduction so here it is…
The story is set in the lands of Mumbai the arenas off the Mafia Men.


The hotshot Criminal Sinner Delinquent “Shivay Singh Oberoi” existing in this world of sins and mockery and ruled the world of illegals as a King.
His existence was untraceable,
Where he came from?
Who was he?
Why at such as merry age of 26 he ruled the Underworld?
What he wanted?
All were a big fat secret but not from “His mentor His Dhaiba” Vardhan Agnihotri.
He was his everything and he was the only person her respected and loved the most.


The s*xy Siren Delilah and the Femme Fatale “Anika Agnihotri” the b*t*h in disguise of Redolence the Best Assassin in the Mafia World.
Born up with their guns and bombs and witnessing her father Vardhan Agnihotri being the Best Assassins, killing ran in her blood and she loved her blood.

Her hatred towards “The SSO” was the hot topic of Underworld.
She hatred him to the core that she herself couldn’t figure out the truth of her hatred.
Be it Jealously Emulation Rivalry or a pretty Competition, desire to excel and desire of superiority.
Her Envy
Her Contention
Her Envious Strife
Who didn’t knew the Siren’s Rivalry to the King of Underworld to her Father’s most loyal Stud…

Clashing of the two and standing from the lose and tragedy both faced what will their life will up…

Welcome to The Sinner’s Siren,

Where you gonna witness

Eroticized Revenge to Jehovah Love….

Mysterious Revelations to Celestial Peace….

And my Evil Attempts to Cliffhangers…
(Ohh I love Cliffhangers)

Before starting it a special announcement, my book “My Notorious Pupil” and Possessed Her Fate is nominated for People’s Choice Awards under the “Witty Feed Writer’s Contest” in Wattpad so its a request please give inline comments “+1” beside my books.
You can follow me and find the book in my Reading List “Awards”.
My Username – @Aadyashsd

So now comes the Chapter 1,

“Boss the work can’t be done” on of the men from the group of 15 standing behind him whispered.

“Hmm” was just his reply while stinging his wine with the ice cubes he recently poured.

Not yet turning around and unbuckling his belt he stood holding his glass of wine.

“So what was the problem” he said pronouncing the problem word sarcastically.
The cold voice sending havoc inside the men standing in a row.

“Boss” the man’s line wasn’t able to finish when he was lashed the hell out by him.

Failure weren’t the Mistress of The King of Underworld they were the Dust particles which could just fly around and sneak his Enemy’s Arena.

Shivay Singh Oberoi wasn’t the name of Terror he himself was the Terror…
The Sinner..

3 hours later….

“Dhaiba Dhaiba”, Shivay Singh Oberoi’s voice echoed the halls of Agnihotri Villa as he proceeded towards his Mentor’s Room.

Before he could call him out again he could hear his Dhaiba’s voice as her usher the door open of his Room.

“Supply and demand is an economic model of price determination in a perfectly competitive market. It concludes that in a perfectly competitive market with no externalities, per unit taxes, or price controls, the unit price for a particular good is the price at which the quantity demanded by consumers equals the quantity supplied by producers.” Vardhan Agnihotri announced the fact in front of his Stud to make him understand what was actually behind the curtains, Shivay was surprised not getting shocked yet. He was clueless how could he know about which topic he was going to talk to him, this surely wasn’t the first time in his 10 years span which he spent with his Dhaiba but alas he couldn’t understand how much aura this man possessed inside him.

“Consumer demand,
Theory of production,
Costs of production,
Perfect competition”

Were boldly written over on the white board hanging in front his bed.

And then it was a full picture for Shivay Singh Oberoi why has he tasted failure today, he chuckled.

It wasn’t his failure not when he had the Elephant of the Game named Chess..
He knew his elephant was his mentor who was the most active member of this game he played, where he was the King.

The failure were a boon in disguise for him, and he got it the very second he saw the theory of production.

“So it was planned by you Dhaiba why didn’t you informed me” saying so he sat inform of his mentor’s leg resting his head on his lap.

“Because she has gone to do her work and I am sure she must have finished her work by now” Vardhasn muttered under his breath which was audible to him and Shivay too.

Shooting his head he rose from his position just to face his Dhaiba.

“So you sent her or she took the initiative” and he could only welcome silence in response, he signed and stood up.

“I guess I should leave its no time she will arrive and it’s better we both don’t clash” Saying so he was exiting from the room when he stopped dead on his tracks listening his mentor.

“You only know right she is the Siren then why are you acting normal Shivay don’t you know she hates you” Was the immediate response from Vardhan.

“Yes its only me and you who know sher is only the Siren and we can’t change the fact Dhaiba its late I should leave” saying so not yet turning while he made his way out.


As the curtains rose, her heart accelerated not in fear but in excitment. Centre-stage, she stood with her back arched and her hands stretched to the sky, as if in submission. The lights on the stage turned bright and the rhythm started to pulse into her. Her foot tapped to the steady beat. Back and forth, she swayed as the beat picked up pace.
The curtains were swiftly rising now and her eyes scanned the mass of onlookers.

“Yeh toh bas shuruwat hai.
Yeh toh bas shuruwat hai.”

Her arms leave her body as the music grows louder. Her eyes are drunk on fire and her lips kiss the threshold of liberty as she dances her inhibitions away.

Her fingers click to the right and click to the left. Her elbows gracefully tear through the air, in perfect rhyme with her feet, which trace a curve that no menace can surpass. She is for herself today. Her feet now hit the floor, in a boisterous cry for all that was denied.
As one arm is outstretched, her waist jerks outward vivaciously. It seems to reject all the silent judgement that the world offered to her all this while. The other arm follows suit with yet another jerk of her slim waist. There is nothing that can calm her tempestuous gale.
Her feet explore her arena as she slides across with poise.
She stops at the end of the platform. She gazes at them all, the mass of onlookers yet again.

I’m bulletproof, nothing to loose.
Fire away, fire away.
Shoot me down, but I won’t fall
I am titanium !

The cadence is coursing through her veins extinguishing every trace of the unwanted blood that contaminated her insides.
Because they don’t rule her anymore but she rules therm. She does not spot them among the mass of onlookers.

That’s all right, though, she thinks. Her eyes close as she lifts her feet off the ground and dives head first onto the stage, as a mermaid would tear the water surface. Her hands gently caress the platform for only a moment, as she comes back, having rotated a full circle.
Back on her feet now, she jiggles and shimmies. She electrifies the air with her rage and a hundred thousand fireflies ignite the atmosphere. She bursts into flames with every bob of her head, every jiggle of her shoulders, with every gyration of her hips. She sparkles on the stage tonight.

Wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy.
Pour on a symphony.
When I’m low, low, low, low.

Now, as she gyrates on the stage and spins around in fanatic circles, every jerk of her waist, every flick of her hair, every beat of her feet, ever shrug of her shoulder beckons to the world and says,

I, oh I, oh I
Got me feeling drunk and high-
So high, so high.
Then we shoot across the sky,
then we shoot across the sky

The second they started moving, most of his jitters melted in the joint swells of music and pleasure. She felt right in his arms, and he caught in hers, the steps flowing between them like sighs slipping against a silk gown of hers. His breaths, short and trembling, brushed her hair, and he saw the laughter glitter in her eyes.

“Tell me I did do you a favour tonight,” she whispered in his ear.
Despite himself, he flashed her a rueful smile.
And didn’t wait and smashed her rough lips on hers.
It didn’t last for the longest time but was amazing as she pecked his lips again.

“Ahh I need to go its already late you know in fact we could catch up any other night having fun under the blankets” saying so as she heard her phone ring and winked at him leaving the hall.

“Will be waiting Miss. Kangana”

“Let’s see Mr.Bajaj”

She skidded her clutch on the passengers seat and hoped on the New Car .

“Yes work is done Baba and I am reaching in 30 mins” she said and threw her iPhone 7s+ near the clutch and opened the tissue paper box lying under the seat.

Party Hall:

“Sir drink” the waiter severed the very person a wisk of wine.
“So Mr. Bajaj congratulations for the new drug deal” his acquittance congratulated him.

Taking a sip from the wine he shoke his hands.


Sinking down and crashing of the wine glass made everyone’s attention to the host of the Party “Mr. Bajaj” as his mouth foamed white precipitate down his face and dead silence engulfed him to the darkness.


As she tilted the front mirror towards her Delilah face her hands moved to her lips removing the transparent sticker smeared with poison.

As she removed the sticker her hands fetched the tissue paper from the box and she sedately rubbed her lower lips clean and removing the traces of the sticker with the poison.

“Ohh I definitely did a favor to you Mr.Bajaj after all you kissed “The Siren” Anika Agnihotri. ”


Hello guys so how’s the Chapter 1
I know you are kinda shocked to find a writer who is making the a fuss or stupidity but please take me as I am..
So don’t forget to comment and please guys mention some Shivika FF sites in FB so that I can post their too..

So let me say you as I am named the “Amenta Verna” (the evil destroying angel) in the Swasan world so I can’t help it….

I am evil you know…

You can follow me in Wattpad to get My stories…
My Wattpad Username – @Aadyashsd

Signing off for today….

Bye Dumplings,

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