Sinhasan Battisi 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj sees a huge monster attacking a kid n his mother, raja bhoj stops him n warns him n asks him to leave the kid n his mother alone, the monster starts laughing seeing raja bhojs size n lifts raja bhoj in his hands n throws him down, while trying to lift raja bhoj, rajan jums on his hand n stabs the monster on his neck n jumps down, this kills the monster, the kid n his mother thank raja bhoj, the kid says ur very brave u defeated such a huge monster are u a soldier, rajan says no im just a ordinary human i just showed some guts n defeated the monster, the kid says mother even i will become brave like him n fight for myself, the kids mother starts crying, raja bhoj asks devi(lady) why are u crying,devi says its bcoz the danger over my son hasn’t ended yet n this monster wasn’t his only enemy but his father rudrant is his enemy as well, rajan says how can a father be his own sons enemy, bcoz im a snake daughter(nagkanya) n my son will be reason behind his fathers death, rajan says i would like to know the story behind it, this tory starts with rudrants devotion towards lord brahma for which he asked lord to bless him with amarta(life with no death), lord brahma dev said that isn’t possible but i bless u whoever u fight with his powers will become urs but u will die n the reason behind ur death will be ur son when he will attain the age of 7 years, raja bhoj says if rudrant knew this why did he marry u, devi says he didn’t marry me 7 years ago, rudrant was on his way to offer prayers to lord n it was nagpanchmi that day n on that day i prayed lord mahadev to give me a son who doesn’t belong to snake family n i offered lord mahadev milk n prayed whoever drinks this milk will be my sons father, rudrant came there in search of water, rudrant took the bowl of milk from me n drank it, by drinking that milk a tej(light) passed from rudrants body to me n after pregnancy i gave birth to this kid, rudrant went for his prayers i waited for 7 years for him n two days before my son was to turn 7 i met rudrant n told him abt this kid, rudrant said i shall not accept the kid instead kill him, i ran away with my son n still running from rudrant, rajan says don’t worry now i will take care of u n ur son n save u from rudrant, devi says u cant rudrant has evil powers , rajan says don’t worry running away is not a solution rudrant has lord brahmas blessings but doesn’t has mightiness which i do n so will defeat him, rudrants das hears this conversation n tells abt it to rudrant, rudrant says now not only the kid but his mother also will die n asks jalasur a monster to kill them, while walking in the forest the kid n his mother start converting in to a statue, seeing this raja bhoj gets shocked, rajans legs also get into stone , jalasur appears front of him n says this is bco u have stepped in my territory, jalasur says raja bhoj now with these two u also will have to face death, raja bhoj throws his sword but jalasur dodges it,jalasur says u have time till this soil swifts off my hand, the soil off n u three will be dead, rajan decides to chant om to get rid off jalasur, soil swifts off jalasurs hand n rajan turns to stone but keeps chanting om, raja bhojs chanting help the three get rid of the stone due to the power of magical word om, jalasur gets shocked.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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