Sinhasan Battisi 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jaylaxmi tells raja bhoj the war between raja vvikramaditya n rahu went on n on n the time arrived at which if raja vikramaditya stopped rahu, the nakshatra would go far away on his path, raja vikramaditya prays to lord to give him strength to fight rahu n save mother earth,with lords blessings raja vikramaditya gets ready to fight back, vikramadityas attack stops rahu from proceeding n nakshatra travels far away on its path, the sunrises n everything gets back to normal,everybody on earth celebrate this moment, rahu gets very angry, rahu attacks vikramaditya n says u don’t know wat have u done, rajan says i know wat i have done rahu dev, rahu says if u knew u wouldn’t have dared stopping me ,rajan says i have just kept my promise of saving my subjects my people, rahu says get ready to die, rajan says i don’t fear death i have kept my promise, rahu says u haven’t let me complete my revenge n now i will attack u so badly that u will beg for death n both go on earth, rahu n raja vikramaditya get into fight, rahu starts hitting rajan but rajan couldn’t attack back bcoz all his powers were utilised in stopping rahu, seeing raja vikramadityas situation god of fire asks indra dev to do something, indra dev says i think we shd seek lord brahma dev for help, lord brahma dev arrives n orders rahu to stop, rahu says no lord today i wont stop he is my enemy n i will kill him, lord says wat will u get by killing him, rahu says my soul is very disturbed n killing him will give me peace, first lord indra insulted me n now this vikramaditya n so he shd die n so u plz don’t come in between, lord brahma dev says i wont first u tell me wat is the reason behind ur anger n revenge its abt ur position n status right i give u aplace in my brahma lok,rahu says wat are u serious, mrahma dev says yes im i appoint u as a sabhased(member) of brahma lok, rahu says thanku lord, brahma dev blesses them. Rahu asks rajan for forgiveness n says it is bcoz of u im getting this respect n status n im very happy plz accept my blessings, raja vikramaditya says promise me rahu dev that u wont ever think of destroying the nakshatra, rahu dev says i promise.
Jaylaxmi says to raja bhoj, lord brahma didn’t just blessed rahu but also raja vikramaditya saying that he hasn’t seen such a true follower of dharma n blessed raja vikramaditya all his powers back, n this is how raja vikramaditya saved mother earth from rahus anger n not only this he proved humans superior than gods, n also proved if u follow dharma u can achieve everything. Few days after this incident, all the panets n nakshatras went to raja vikramaditya n says we all are very happy with this act of urs n so every new era will begin at ur birthday n will be called vikramsamvat, rahu dev says not just this rajan but also all the jyotish will now be marked on the basis of vikramsamvat, raja vikramaditya thanks everyone n says the credit also goes to rahu dev if he hadn’t done this i wouldn’t have achieved it. Jaylaxmi says this is how down to earth n mighty were raja vikramaditya, n this throne belongs to one who is as mighty as raja vikramaditya was, raja bhoj says he was truly a mighty king, jaylaxmi says i the protector of might of this throne now asks for ur leave n disappears, devi maya appears n says rajan u look in great confusion is it abt trying for the throne or going back empty handed, raja bhoj says not confusion im excited to know abt the remaing 31 powers n their respective stories, devi maya says first answer me which is superior the eternal power or external strength, devi maya disappears n the breezes starts flowing swiftly n stones fall apart, raja bhoj falls down n finds himself in an unknown place n hears a kids voice calling for help.

Raja bhoj fights with a monster to save the kid.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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