Sinhasan Battisi 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat remembers tat the laugh of vetal is reminding him of chitragupt varhamirji then tells tat he is the one who was studying with u samrat says tat yes its him and he reminds tat one day chitragupt was laughing on one of their friend while samrat asks him not to laugh as it is not good to laugh on others chitragupt then tells tat he knows its bad but laughing is a good medicine and one must laugh always samrat says tat he agrees with this and says tat we will remain friend always but then chitragupt says tat we cant be because u r a sh person and I m a laughing one how can we match but then samrat says tat we are friends for life and samrat tells varhamirji tat he was always full laughs but one day he became serious and took samrat to a place and gave him an idol and told him tat this idol represents our friendship and he should accept this and keep it safe as if this idol breaks their friendship ends and then samrat says tat he will keep it safely then samrat tells varhamirji he has to found out wat is the matter with chitragupts laugh and vetals laugh and he needs to go out and find him and ask wats the matter,
Samrat leaves to meet his friend and reaches his place he calls for chitragupt wen reached but no one replies and a neighbor then replies tat chitragupt is not here samrat then asks about his family them man then tells tat they are going through bad phase his wife is working in farms to earn and feed her childerns samrat asks where is chitragupt the man says he is a carless person and didn’t follow his responsibilities towards his family samrat then asks where are the farms the man then tells she works in Nirnayi savkar farm samrat goes there and sees tat she is working in farms he goes to her and asks her y does she works here she then says tat she is happy tat he came here to ask her but it would have been better if he would have called her she would have come samrat then asks her where is chitragupt she then tells tat he has not been back since last 6 months he left home saying tat he will come back soon after meeting his friend vikramaditya and after tat he has not returned and u know very well his behavior once he decides to leave he leaves samrat then feels sorry for her and tells tat chitragupt came to meet him and left saying tat he is going back to his place and then samrat asks her to not work like this and pls come with him to the palace the lady then says tat she is thankful to him for his concerned but her selfrespect doesn’t allows her to leave and she will stay back and then she tells tat if he meets chitragupt tell him tat his kids miss him lot while the kid says tat tell my father tat mother also misses him a lot and cries remembering him and then listening to their messages samrat takes their leave and while riding back he reminds of the time wen chitragupt came to visit him
He remembers he was telling maharani about the idol and chitragupt and a soldier comes and tells tat chitragupt is here to meet u samrat all happy goes to receive him and later chitragupt is laughing and chitralekha says tat u both share a very strong friendship bond while chitragupt agrees and samrat then praises the bond between them and asks chitragupt tat he can give him whatever he wants in returnof their friendship while chitragupt says tat all he wants is his friendship for lifetime
And samrat while riding horse thinks tat chitragupt must not be an greedy person he never asked for anything valuable like singhasan or anything like that
Into old fort maître asks raja bhoj tat wat does he think about the laugh raja bhoj says tat even he is thinking the same and he thinks tat samrat should not go alone to meet vetal he should go with chitragupt to meet him so as to know wat is the truth and then maître narrates tat samrat wen came back to palace sees tat all his people in darbar are leaving due to vetals fear while chitralekha asks them to stay as they should trust samrat but if they still fear they can leave and they tell this same reason to samrat also asks them the same thing and then all the people trust samrat and say tat they will stay with him until their death appears and hen samrat decides to go to vetal along with the idol
Samrat goes to crematorium again the ghost hands from within the earth try to attack samrat but when samrat tries to remove the sword to attack they get back and then samrat goes to vetal and vetal asks so wat has he decided and samrat says tat he will give away whatever he wants his palace ,singhasan, wealth and everything vetal says oh tats good his just one move has changed so much and then asks where is singhasan but then samrat says tat he couldn’t bring singhasan here but has brought a gift for him and then shows him the idol while vetal refuses to identify tat and samrat tries to make him remind but sees a weird behavior of vetal where he sticks to the tree with a confused expression.

Chitralekha is shocked to hear but samrat tells her tat it is true tat vetal is chitragupt and now he has to help his friend out of this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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