Sinhasan Battisi 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja bhoj is seen collecting water from river in a pot and passing on it for the kalash yatra then rishi purshotam asks raja bhoj to take the kalash in his and his maharanis hands and invite the kuldaivatas (god)for the yagya and aal the people and raja bhoj are heading towards palace then rushi purshotam asks everyone to close their eyes and pray as the time has come of arrival of the souls and the souls arrive and enter the pots raja bhoj sees this and is happy tat they arrived rushi purshotam they again tells raja bhoj tat has he completed all his kartavya as if there is no kartavya completed then the yagya will not be successful raj abhoj then says tat there is no kartvya remaining he has completed all his kartavaya rushi purshotam then chants prayers so that fir

burns in the kund but after chanting prayers the fire is not lit purshotam then tells tat there must be some kartvya incompleted and tat is y the kund is not getting fire raj abhoj then says tat he has no kartavya incomplete
Then he hears a voice of a rushi gagangiri who is blaming rushi purshotam as killer of his daughter gautami raja bhoj is shocked to hear this and asks the rushi to not insult the purshotam and ask how can he prove this rushi gagangiri tells tat his daughter was rushi purshotams wife and so he killed her raja bhoj then asks tat has he anything to say rushi purshotam says tat now he should start the yagya as promised but raj abhoj says tat he will first do his kartavya and then the promise rushi gagangiri then say tat he is trying to divert the subject raja bhoj then says tat the kartavya is incomplete so the yagya is not starting rushi purshotam says mau be this is the reason but the souls arrived may get angry then raja bhoj says tat he will request the souls to come later for yagya as he has to do his kartavya the souls then go back
Seeing this rushi purshotam gets angry and says tat he is leaving while raja bhoj asks him to stay and answer the blame on him but rushi purshotam leaves the soldiers then stop him rushi purshotam then gets angry and uses his powers to vanish the soldiers and raja bhoj then says tat ur behavior is proving tat u r guilty of something and asks him to stay until the result are cleared
Rushi purshotam then agrees raja bhoj then asks rushi gagangiri to come inside and sit and talk but he then says tathe is eager to know wat has happened to his daughter as she has not came home or nor she is in the ashram then rushi purshotam says tat this is false and if he tells the truth he will get to know how bad his daughter was rushi gagangiri gets angry and says tat this is false she was a good girl and tells tat once wen rushi purshotam was going out she brought food for him but then he said tat he will be back soon and he didn’t show for 15 days and she was standing there and then waiting for him but then rushi purshotam tells tat this is false as wen he came back from one anushthan after two days he started searching for gautami but couldn’t find her and wen asked a lady she told tat she was seen going towards the nagar rsuhi purshotam then says tat his wife never went anywhere without asking her wat kind of bad lady is she as she went to nagar without even telling him
Rushi gaganagiri then says tat he is lying and his daughter is not like this but then raj abhoj stops him and asks rushi purshotam y didn’t he find the reason for gautami went to nagar rushi purshotam says tat the lady who went out without even asking him then wat kind of lady must be she raja bhoj then says tat both of ur blames are not convincing as they only tell tat devi gautami is caught in some trap and until it is proved no one will leave this palace and stay here as their guests
Maharani is then asking raja bhoj tat how did rushi purshotam blamed his wife as a characterless without even enquiring how will a ladu survive in such a male dominated environment here all the men are considering a women as puppets listening to this raja bhoj promises tathe will do justice and see tat here after no women will be considered as a puppet.

PRECAP:-brhamdat tells tat kayakalp is the only way to get another getup and it is located at this top mountain on map and it is also called a magic mountain the sudarshan is related to their only

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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