Sinhasan Battisi 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,chitralekhas father is trying to convince martand tat chitralekha is his wife only then martand asks them to start preparation for her bidai he will marry her with all ritiuals at his place chitralekha is telling raja vikramaditya she is still confused of how did martand wins but she loves him and he should understand her love raja vikramaditya is talking to himself tat even he felt that there was a connection between them when he first saw her and then arrives martand and chitralekhas father martand then asks the dasi’s to pack all chitralekhas belonging and asks chitralekha to come with him raja vikramaditya then stops them and tells tat no one could take a lady away without her permisiion and he is ready to fight for that but then martand reminds him that he has promised him to let martand and chitralekha marry and so he cant do anything but let her go chitralekhas father then order the dasi;s to take her away and while doing so chitralekha cries out to samrat for helpafter she leaves raja vikramaditya promises himself that through yogshakti he helped martand with the help of same yogshakti he will find his wife chitralekha
Chitralekha is then seen crying and leaving her palace along with martand raja vikramaditya then starts his prayers and to find out his wife chitralekha with his yogshakti samrats yogshakti stops the cart and martandd asks his soldiers why has the cart stopped he then tries to pull with full force but could not move the cart then he pulls chitralekha out of cart and makes her walk with her she then tells tat samrat will come for her help martand then tells her tat he is her husband he has all rights on her and no one can stop him from doing that suddenly there are wind blowing and thunders, lightning appearing
Martand then with help of his powers gets to know that this is all happening because of raja vikramaditya and he gets angry chitralekha then tells him that she is going to raja vikramaditya as she is his wife and she loves samrat not him and asks the soldiers to go along with her seeing this martand again gets anry and with his powers hypnotises chitralekha and the soldiers and he takes a sword and goes to raja vikramaditya to show his enemity
Martand then finds out raja vikramaditya and saya that how could he be so selfish and bring obstacles in his marriage and saya that he wil kill him today and attacks witha asword on him and himself falls aback and sees that raja vikramaditya has taken the form of god shiva raja vikramaditya then tells tat whatever he is doing is right it is dharm and wat he is doing is adharm and he will always protect dharm and not adharma he tells martand that he is doing adharma as he cant force a lady to do anything against her wish

Yogmala tells raja bhoj that how samrat defeats martand and marries chitralekha and then maha maya tells raja bhoj tat now its his time prove himself the quality of yogshakti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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