Sinhasan Battisi 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is seen in crematorium thinking tat vetal is very powerful nd he has to reach him and walks a distance and shouts out to vetal tat he has reached as he said and come out and face him and he suddenly feels a hand on his back he gets frightened and attacks with sword samrat then falls down and from the underground hands comeout and hold him samrat tris harder to rescue and uses sword to release himself and then sees many ghosts roaming around and decides to go to the place from where all the white shadows are coming but then while moving vetal tries sitting on his back but samrat fights with him and then he hears a voice its vetal who asks till where would u follow and samrat says tat he will come where ever he says to save his people and maharani and then samrat sees a cave and goes there
In the cave he sees a tree and vetal hanging upside down and he welcomes samrat to his world and then angrily samrat asks wat he wants vetal tries troubling samrat and sits on his back and says tat he has heard a lot about him and he doesn’t thinks tat he is so great and again goes and hangs on the tree upside down samrat then asks him y is he doing all this then vetal says tat if he wants to know the reason then he has to come to his level and talk while samrat asks him to come down but vetal says he wont

Into old fort maître comes in front of bhoj and vanishes and again appears at other place and vanishes and gets stable and asks raja bhoj was he frightened then raja bhoj says tat no he didn’t let his fear come over and he was strong enough to see it she then asks him tat wat does he think about vetal raja bhoj says tat he thinks tat some wish of vetal has remained incomplete and so he is doing all this to complete it with samrats help maître narrates further samrat goes on the tree and hangs upside down to talk to vetal and then vetal asks him a riddle and promises to answer his question if he answers his riddle and samrat answers correctly and so vetal lets him down to stand properly and then samrat asks y is he doing all this wat he wants and then vetal tells tat he wants singhasan battisi so tat he can be the most powerful and justicefull ghost while samrat refuses to give it saying tat singhasan is a very pure and god like thing which cant be hand over just like tat while vetal wans him to give it or else he will trouble everyone more but samrat doesnot listens to him and gets back walking to the palace

In palace chitralekh is praying mahakal to protect samrat and the dasi around sees vetal hanging upside down and shouts in fear chitralekha runs to her and asks wats wrong while she tells tat she saw someone hanging and cries and again both of them see vetal hanging upside down and runs and shouts to soldiers to save them and then vetal enters varhamirjis room and frightens him and then burns his books while varhamirji calls soldiers and vetal frightens them too and they also run along with varhamirji they meet maharani chitralekha and at tat time vetal attacks chitralekha she gets hurt and then they all run from tat room and lock it from out side and they go to another room and they think may be they are safe here but then they again hear tat the lock is been removed and vetal enters the room and starts frightening everyone in room and then enters their bodies and all of them get obsessed with ghost and then samrat enters the palace and sees tat everything is messed up he is shocked to see this and then calls out everyones names varhamiji,chitralekha the soldiers and the dwarpal too but no one replies or comes up with reply samratt then recalls tat this must be done by vetala and then he hears the laughing sound from another room as samrat enters the room he sees maharani varhamirji soldiers and dwarpal and all other from palace in the room all of them are obsessed so behave weirdly and are looking at samrat weirdly too while chitralekha make a frightfull face and says samrat tat give me the singhasan and all others start repeating while samrat tries to wake them up but no one could get back to their senses samrat tries to wake chitralekha but she is in vetals control and then asks samrat a riddle and if he answers it right he will release them all and asks the riddle while samrat answers the riddle correctly and vetal releases all of them from the obsession and vetal warns samrat that come to his place with the singhasan and he will stop doing all this and then chitralekha after coming back to senses cries and hugs samrat while samrat and all other are in fear
Into old fort maître asks raja bhoj tat wat do u think tat y does vetal wants the singhasan raja bhoj then says tat he clearly couldn’t tell but vetal is not behind the singhasan I cant tell u now as even I m thinking wat he exactly wants and then maître further narrates tat samrat and varhamirji are taking a walk in the palace and samrat asks varhamirji to prepare a kundli of vetal but varhamirji refuses and say tat if he does anything vetal will burn all his remaining books and he says tat he cant take a risk now,while samrat says tat there is no need to get frighten of him and then varhamirji tell tat a kundli of a ghost cannot be prepared according to the shastras and then they hear a sound and run towards it and samrat sees tat the idol given to him by chitragupt has fallen down and broken in to pieces and then he says to varhamirji tat there is some relation between this idol and vetal

Chitragupta gives the idol to samrat and asks him to keep it safely as it is the sign of their friendship and if this idol breaks their friendship breaks samrat remembers all this from the past.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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