Sinhasan Battisi 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja vikramaditya prays lord to connect his five tatvas with the universe, jaylaxmi asks raja bhoj why did vikramaditya chose water as his way for connection, raja bhoj says bcoz water is the only thing that can be seen as well as felt in all tatvas, jaylaxmi says ur right n raja vikramaditya with all his devotion started his prayers to save the universe but still there were the bad effects taking place on earth destroying everything slowly, vikramaditya in 15 days finished his panchtavas connections but still the biggest job of stopping rahu was to be done with only one day left, rishimonis tell vikramaditya that he needs to rush bcoz only 12 hours are left, maharani chitralekha gives raja vikramaditya his lands soil as a sign of goodluck to save his subjects, vikramaditya says let wat come in my way i will save my planet earth, maharani chitralekha says i know we all trust u, raja vikramaditya begins his journey to rahu n towards pushyanakshatra. On earth the conditions goes worst as the time passes. Rahu approaches the pushyanakshtra in great speed n attacks the nakshatra, jaylaxmi says there was no time left as rahu had attacked, raja bhoj says surely this is not the end raja vikramadityas devotion was of great purity n so surely didn’t go waste for sure. Raja vikramaditya comes in the path of rahus attack n stops it from reaching the nakshatra, rahu asks vikramaditya why is he here, raja vikramaditya says ur this step will destroy the planet earth, rahu says that is wat i want, vikramaditya says this is the not right way of revenge its adharma so plz change ur decision n i will help u acquire ur right position, rahu says i don’t need help n that to of a human so plz leave me with my plans, vikramaditya says i will never let u accomplish ur plans, rahu laughs n says ur human don’t forget that, raja vikramaditya with his arrow attacks rahu n rahu attacks back , rahus attacks hit raja vikramaditya badly n raja goes unconscious.

Rahu says the raja vikramaditya i will hit u so badly that u will beg for death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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