Sinhasan Battisi 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort kritika is asking raja bhoj ta is it fair to save a humans life by destroying the earth raja bhoj then replies tat it is not about saving a humans life but it is about the system of donation of life which needs to be changed samrat is then seen targeting arrows at planet earth god indra and brahaspati are seen worried while rushi brahspati tells tat samrat is using amogh power to stop the planet earth and this power Amogh was used in mahabharat by karn to kill arjun but ghatotkach was killed he is using this to stop the speed of earth and this is going to lead to destruction of earth
Then samrat attacks earth with the amogh powers and the planet earth is trembling and wind is blowing strongly gopal is seen searching chitralekha and vice a versa while brahma ,Vishnu,mahesha are seen angry about the destruction happening to earth they say tat itis someone who dared to destroy our planet earth and they attack with divyastra to kill smarat
Mahamaya sees this and decides to help samrat as if he gets killed everything will be over she then goes to god indra and ask him to help her save samrats life as he is dog all this to save a kids life god indra then tells her tat now he cant do anything but samrat should request them and tell them the truth and then god indra prays to tri dev to appear and ask them to stop this as he is samrat who is doing this is the representatives of god then samrat is with his hand folded in front of the divyastra says tat he would like to die with this divyastra if he cant successfuly completes his kartvya and there arrives the tridev and asks samrat to open their eyes and ask them to please stop this amogh powers on earth and then they will talk further samrat then stops the destruction of earth chitralekha and gopal are happy to see each other safe and the storms also stop a man then tells them the bhajans are starting in temple and asks them to come
Tridev then asks samrat wat is wrong samrat then says tat how can a man give donation of life wen he cant give birth tridev then says tat yes no man have the authority to do this but a human kind can do this kind of donation samrat then tells tat the kids father has donated his sons life so tat he can earn punya tridev says tat this is wrong and people are making wrong use of this and the one who does this is guilty as a murderer and they then accepts samrats plea to end this system smarat then thanx tridev and leaves
Into old fort kritika says tat this was the story of samrats kartvya but raja bhoj says tat no yet the kartvya is not over while kritika asks surprisingly to explain how raja bhoj then tells tat the system has changed now and gopals death was written before this change so the change wont apply now and still gopals life is in danger kritika says tat u r very smart and rit
Then gopal along with chitralekha are seen singing bhajans with all other members in the Vishnu temple chitralekha is worried for gopal and then the buffalo goes crazy and starts running here and there and comes and stands in front of gopal and chitralekha gopal then folds hands and says tat father the time of donation has come and he stands fearless in front of buffalo chitralekha then decides tat she will not let he son die like this nad she will die but not let gopal be killed and then she waves a red cloth in front of buffalo and the buffalo runs behind her gopal sees this and runs behind the buffalo screaming tat he has to kill him and not his rani ma buffalo then turns to gopal and run towards him chitralekha is worried and thinks now how will she save gopal and then suddenly arrives samrat and stops the buffalo and says tat the donation system has changed and now he cant take away gopals life and succefully saves gopals life but gopal gets angry and angrily asks samrat tat y did he do this y did he stoped the buffalo from killing samrat tries to explain him tat he did this coz he has successfully changed the system of donation of ones life but gopal doesn’t listens and leaves angrily.

A cow is seen hitting gangaprasad and then in samrats palace gangaprasad is seen pleading samrat while it will be seen will gangaprasad accept his son and his wife

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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