Sinhasan Battisi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,rajkumari chitralekha is seen in the hall where raja vikramaditya is seated behind her comes her mother asking her to stop as this is not the right way of coming in front of him martand then tells raja vikramaditya tat she is rajkumari chitralekh and she is very beautiful raja vikramaditya then talks to himself saying tat he feels like she knows him from a very long time
Chitralekha s father is seen scolding her mother tat how did she let chitralekha in the hall is she not aware about the ritiuals of the family she tries to hide the main reason behind chitralekhas behaviour and then arrives rajkumari chitralekha who asks her father to not scold her mother and she will give all answers and then she goes forward and shows his father the portrait painting she had made her father is shocked to see that wen did she prepared it rajkumari chitralekha then tells her father that she wants to marry raja vikramaditya listening to this her father gets angry asks her to stop this as she has no right to decide to whom will she marry its his job and he will do it according to his way while her mother tells her father tat let her marry with raja vikramaditya as she has painted these paintings before she met her but her father does not listen to either and leaves
Raja vikramaditya is seen thinking that wat is wrong wit him why is he constantly thinking of rajkumari chitralekha and then arrives martand their and asks raja vikramaditya y is he so worried raja then tells tat theres nothing like tat and martand says tat weather he is thinking of chitralekha raja refuses but martand warns him and reminds him of his promise made .
Chitralekha is then seen staring raja vikramadityas paintings and there arrive her dasi’s (servant) and they tell her tat raja vikramaditya is here to support his friend and not participate she is baffeled and runs towards the swayanmvar hall and while unning towards hall she sees her mother her mother asks where is she going then chitralekha tells all that heard her mother didn’t stop her but ask her to keep in mind tat she should not disrespect her religion by any thing tat is wrong
In to the old fort yogmala tells tat respect,limitation and society are always tied together and a lady always has to keep all this in mind and asks raja bhoj tat wat does he thinks wat will chitralekha do raja bhoj then tells tat love does not need to cross any limit or take wrong step love will find its own way and then rajkumari chitralekha enters a hall where she sees raja vikramaditya is playing a musical instrument and goes near him and sits there raja vikramaditya asks tat wat is she doing here she then tells that she is fond of music and loves writing and reciting poems raja vikramaditya then asks her that y idi she hide her poems she then tells tat till today she did not find any person to whom she would like to share and asks raja that will he listen to her poems and give music to that raja vikramadaitya agrees and rajkumari starts to say poem and raja starts giving music her poem means tat from her childhood she was thinking of a person and in her young age he appears to be a real person in front of her eyes listening to this raja vikramaditya stops asks her to whom is this indication and then he hears a sound and sees tat its martand

Martand warns raja that he has to support him through his yogshakti he will aim the target and raja will help him to hit the target

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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