Sinhasan Battisi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,in samrats palace varhamirji sees rushi muni taking in things to anushthan he asks them for wat is this they tell varhamirji ta the anushthan is been done to please tridev he then says nothing can change the fate but samrat arrives and says tat he will make it happen varhamirji then says tat this is not possible but samrat says tat he will do it and goes ahead to do the anushthan while varhamirji says in mind tat how is samrat going to make tridev change their mainds to change the donation system and tat too in 6 days
Into old fort kritika tells raj abhoj tat a value of thing is understood only when it is lost and says tat samrat being the most powerfull on earth cant do anything but still is trying somehow raja bhoj says tat he is confident tat samrat will do this then samrat is seen doing anushthan to call tridev along with the rushi muni idols of brahma ,Vishnu and mahesha are seen aside samrat where he looks at him and prays tat he wants them to help him save gopals life as it is adharma happening
Gopal and chitralekha are seen travelling while they stop near a mahadevs mandir and chitralekha asks gopal tat we will stop while gopal agrees and says tat he is hungry chitralekha then says tat she will cook food for her and gopal goes to bring wood while samrat is doing his anushthan one of the rushi muni then asks samrat to bring water form river ganga, a lotus flower and ashes samrat then goes and brings all the ingridents and chitralekha is seen preparing a cooking medium and gathering raw food to cook
Samrat comes with all the ingredients and gives ahuti of them and suddenly all the idols disappear and samrat is shocked and angry to see this and calls out who has done this there comes mahamaya and says tat she is sorry but this way the tridev wont appear samrat then asks y she tells tat all three gods only when cometogether as one then only the system can be changed by them samrat then says tat this is y he was doing anushthan for all the three god mahamaya says tat this wont work as to bring them together as one u have to destroy the environment and then only they will appear samart is surprised to hear this
Gopal and chitralekha meets a troop of people singing bhajans gopal stops them and ask where are they going the troop tells them tat they are heading to laksmipur for Vishnu mandir where eka dashi is celeberated gopal says tat he is happy to know this and even he and his mother are also going there he then asks the troop to halt with them chitralekha also aks them to stay while she will cook food for them the ladies inthe troop then agree to help them
Samrat is surprised but mahamay tells him tat he has to create this situation and make the three gods brahma,vihnu and Mahesha to come to together samrat then says tat he will do his duty and will do anything to save the child gopal and chitralekha proceed further on their journey with the troop a man on the way stop them and asks gopal where are they going as he wants to go to lakshmipur gopal the says tat they all are going to lakshmipur and he can join them and gopal sees a buffalo beside the man and looking at it gopal tells chitralekha tat he feels tat this buffalo is going to help him fulfil his fathers orders while chitralekha is seen worried
Samrat is then seen getting ready while chitralekha and gopal are going further with the troop peacefully singing bhajans samrat is seen riding on a horse and he is seen going to the universe
Gopal and the troop reaches the Vishnu temple in laksmipur where chitralekha prays to please protect her son samrat is seen in universe asking the planet earth to forguve him for whatever he is going to do now as he is helpless coz he wants to change the system of donating a child samrat then attacks with a arrow which brings heavy storms and heavy rains on planet earth.

Samrat is attacking planet earth and all the gods are seen disturbed lord brahma,Vishnu and mahesha are seen angry due to wats happening

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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