Sinhasan Battisi 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen with all the rushi munis near the lake raja bhoj then tells them that they have to take bath in this lake student kanti mani prompts tat there is no need of this but nirmani stops him and asks everyone to enter the lake all the rushi muni takes bath and come out clean raja bhoj is confused tat how everyone has came out clean the kanti mani is seen entering the waters as soon as he sees kaveri he gets frightened and runs towards kaveri and pleads to forgive him in that mean time nirmani is seen suddenly turning older nirmani is seen confused and frightened as he is not knowing wat is wrong and wat is happening raja bhoj then got it that nirmani is the culprit the rushi muni then asks raja bhoj wat is all this then raja bhoj tells tat this was a blessing given by mahakali to find out the culprit and nirmani is tat person
Nirmani tries to tell everyone raja bhoj has played some kind of foolish game to prove everything and then there arrives godess mahamaya and tells that he is the characterless human and not kaveri Nirmani is then seen crying and pleads to forgive him and agrees that he has done the crime to this rushi muni asks him when did he do all this then he starts telling that wen did all this happen and tells that this happened wen u all rushimuni were out of ashram and kaveri enters nirmanis hut to give him food and asks her does she feels happy and content here she agrees tat she is very much happy and asks to take the Prasad as he were having some wrong intentions to fullfill and all this happened nirmani asks rushi muni to forgive him rushi muni then ask him to say sorry to kaveri as she has suffered but kaveri refuses to forgive him and asks him to leave nirmani leaves the place
Rushi muni then tells raja bhoj tat he is sorryto as he trusted a wrong person kaveri then tells tat raja bhoj is nice person and he trusted a lady he never known so closely and gave her justice then raja bhoj declares that satyadev will be having the gotara and religion he belongs to
Rushi muni then again express his sorry to raja bhoj for his mistake to this raja bhoj asks him to let satyadev take up his education in ur ashram to this rushi muni says that this will be a great opportunity for him as he wil do prayshchit for his mistakes and here after he will never keep the conditions of gotra and religion for any student to take education
Raja bhoj along with kaveri and satyadev prays to godess mahakali kaveri then tells raja bhoj tat he is the most chraitrvan human on this earth and helped a lady to keep her respect in society
Raja bhoj is then taken back to old fort in a flash of light there he sees godess mahamaya and she tells that he has done a great job as he gave a lady respect in the society raja bhoj then tells her that he will give away his life to to give repect to a women then godess maha maya asks him climb the fourth stair as he has succefully passed it.

From the singhasan batiisi arrives yogmaya godess then raja vikramaditya is seen who dared to to do this in his palace and there arrives man

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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