Sinhasan Battisi 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat and chitralekha are seen in mahakals temple praying the idol while chitralekha says to samrat tat she is feeling very bad for him as he has to go through such days but samrat says to her tat the god will save them and fullfill their wishes and then there comes a pujari chanting sita ram comes close to samrat and says tat u two seem hungry i have this Prasad this will help u and samrat takes it and thanx pujari for help and then the pujari asks for help from samrat to keep this bag with him until he returns back and samrat agrees to it and takes tat bag and pujari leaves and then there comes to soldiers with javelline and ask samrat to show them wat is in tat bag while the soldiers open the bag they see gold coins in it and then samrat says tat this is not his bag its pujaris bag he gave us and has gone for some work while the soldier say tat how can u blame a pujari for this now we will take u to samant
Narkasur is telling his fellows tat they have succefully captured the other lok and now only remained is swarg lok and then shoots a arrow towards swarg lok gos indra sees an arrow coming towards him and gets up and sees tat it has been attacked by narkasur and he then tell other gods tat narkasur has become very powerful and he wants to fight and then a god there says tat only samrat can defeat narkasur and now we don’t have him wit us due to vishwamitra
Samrat and chitralekha are seen in front of samant he opens the bag and see tat their are 50 gold coins less and asks samrat where it is while samrat and chitralekha say tat they don’t know anything about the gold coins then the samant says to samrat tat he will keep his wife as a slave until he brings the 50 gold coins and asks his wife to take away chitralekha and the soldiers take away samrat and tell him tat go bring 50 gold coins and then only u can take ur wife and don’t come empty handed samrat leaves and his hands are tied with a log he fells down on floor vishwamitra sees this and removes the knot of ropes and then samrat greets rishi and then rishis hands him gold coins and says tat he can release his maharani by taking this but he has to bend in front of him and give up his selfrespect but then samrat releases the gold coins on floor and says to vishwamitra as he was last time defeated he will be defeated now too and he does not need these coins and then goes to a farmer and starts ploughing his farms vishwamitra then with his magical powers stop the plough samrat is trying to move the plough but is not able to move it he is trying hard to move the plough and then after some efforts he is able to move it and after completing the ploughing of entire field the farmer gets happy and says tat u did good job and gives him a gold coin
Into old fort ambika asks raja bhoj tat y do u think tat samrat is going through all this and raja bhoj says tat he knows tat selfrespect is really very important and so he is going through all this ambika agrees to it and narrates further narkasur comes with his soldiers and challenges all the gods while god attacks narkasur one by one but fails and then all the gods attack narakasur together but they also fail and then narkasur captures them and to this god indra says tat wen he will confront a man with great powers to defeat u then u will know the power of dharma and swarglok and takes the gods to patal lok narayn sees this and goes to Ujjain to tell this to vishwamitra and he comes infront of vishwamitra and then rishi asks narayan tat y has he disturbed during meditation and then narayan tells him tat narkasur has hostaged all the gods and taken to patal lok and says tat samrat has failed because u stoped his horse and is not a representative now to fight listening to this vishwamitra says tat he will fight narkasur and bring all the god back
Samrat takes tat one earned gold coin to samant and gives him and says to him tat he will earn and come next 50 days to give away his gold coins while samant laughs at him and then samrat sees chitralekha working while the wife of samant asks chitralekha to take this pot and go bring some water and then samrat calls chitralekha and wen chitralekha sees him she drops the pot and it brokes into peaces and the samants wife then scolds her tat this is earned and brought by the gold coins ur husband has stolen and ur husband is a thief chitralekha feels very bad listening to this.

Vishwamitra is saying sorry to samrat and says tat he is the best raja and narkasur has made vishwamitra realise his ego.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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