Sinhasan Battisi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja bhoj realises the throne is divine n when he touches it, the throne n cave turns to life, he hears a lady laughing n calling him, he searches for the lady by following the voice, the voice says don’t get surprised i was waiting for u since 1100 years, a lady appears front of raja, raja bhoj says why are u waiting for u, the lady says ur fortune brought u hear n now ur deeds will take u further, learn the importance of time n work n u will go far ahead, raja says why are u telling me this, lady says knowledge is very important n u need it n do u have it , raja says tell me the story of past 1100 years, the lady says this whole world is evil magics secrete but people think this virtual world real im maha maya the care taker, raja says of this throne or fort, lady says this isn’t just a throne its the throne of raja vikramaditya , the throne singhasan battisi the throne of justice, when surya lord n lord shani had disputes of greatness they approached lord indra, lord indra couldn’t give answer bcoz he was scared of shani lords power so he asked them to approach raja vikramaditya they man of justice as known in those times, vikramaditya raja visited lord indra dev n assures lord indra the answer will be impartial, raja bhoj asks did vikramaditya give answer, lady says vikramaditya told shani dev ur son of lord sun n this means lord sun(surya) is greatest, lord shani says i don’t agree this change ur decision or u will have to deal with consequences, vikramaditya refuses, shani dev said now deal with sadesathi, this lead vikramadityas down fall, but vikramaditya give up, vikramaditya lost everything except his justice n divineness, seeing vikramaditya didn’t giveup lord shani says looks u still will not change ur decision, vikramaditya says yes i wont, lord shani says ur love n dedication towards justice has made me realised the right n so lord vishvakarma gifted vikramaditya with 32 lords powers a throne who will take care of the throne n this throne was gifted to vikramaditya, looking at the throne vikramaditya asks why this throne, lord indra tells its importance of 32 lords power n inform of angels idols on it n these will help in justice , vikramaditya accepts the throne.

Raja bhoj says looking at this throne n hearing about its divineness n for the goodness of my people i would like to accept the throne.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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