Sinhasan Battisi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,bhringraj praises raja bhoj for his work he has done something tat has not been performed by anyone since 1100 years while maharani vallari says tat he is not doing anything for u but for the good and welfare of his kingdom but then bhringraj says tat he feels sorry for raja bhoj tat soon he is going to follow adharma maharani vallari gets shocked listening to this and asks bhringraj wat has he done to raja bhoj but bhringraj tells her tat soon raja bhoj is going to kill someone he is going to kill mhantdas soon so as to get the yantra listening to this maharani vallari decides tat she has to somehow come out of this book and help raja bhoj from doing this adharma.
Raja bhoj is seen in front of mahantdas while mahantdas asks him to ask whatever question he has and raja bhoj asks tat y is the yantra having so much importance mahantdas tells him tat the kamal yantra is important and so it has to be achieved by crossing all these difficult tasks and till now u r the only one who has successfully completed it even bhadraka and bhringraj were also not successful to reach here he then tells tat wen samrat vikramaditya failed the efforts of bhadraka by catching the false one and sending him back to his land and then at tat point time vikramaditya thought tat all the good karma of human being needs to be protected so tat they cant be stolen by bhadraka to spread adharma and he then goes to surya dev and request him to do something and not fall for the bhadrakas negative powers and this will happen wen they will bring together two things Tamsik and satvik and they samrat then prays and appears a lotus and then all the other gods pray and the kamal yantra is prepared to keep bhadraka away from spreading adharma and then samrat takes away the yantra
Mhanatdas then tells tat due to this yantra the anushthan of bhadraka remained half done and so he is behind this and then mahantdas tells tat wen samrat vikramaditya was old and was not confirm how much life he has he went to god brahma and asked him where should he keep this yantra safe and brahma tells him tat there is one person who is in the Himalayas who is been doing tap for long years and has not had food or water at all and he will help u and then samrat goes to the Himalayas and meets the person and asks him to keep this yantra safe with him the man then tells tat he has decided to die but if lord brahma has told this then he has to take this and samrat gives it to the man and thanx him for his help
While raja bhoj then asks mahantadas wat a great personality tat man must be and who is he and then mahantdas tells tat it was he mahantdas and raja bhoj greets him for his greatness and then politely asks him to show the yantra and then mahantdas shows it in his heart and then raja bhoj asks him to please give it to him and but then mahantdas tells tat if he wants the the yantra then he has to kill him as it lies in his heart raja bhoj says no as he cant kill a punya atma like him maharani vallari aalso thinks tat she has to manag and run away from here or else raja bhoj will have to kill a punya atma like mahantdas and she sees a way out and runs from there
Mahantdas then tells tat he will kill himself and then it would be easy to achieve the yantra and free his kingdom and maharani vallari but then raja bhoj says tat no he wont let this happen but mahantdas says tat this is the right way and he is confident tat the yantra will be safe in his hands and then mahantdas sits for concenteration. Bhringraj then send his soldiers to catch maharani vallari they try to find her but they didn’t find her and then mahantdas is concenterating and there appears his copy and tells him tat he cant kill him just like tat no one in this world would kill him actually and then he tells raja bhoj tat does he remember wat bhringraj has told him tat he is blessed with godess saraswati and so he has to use his knowledge of music to get this yantra and gives him the sarangi and asks him to use it.

Vikramaditya is telling wat a true friend is while a ghost is seen around.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I just love to watch sinhasan battisi. Thans to creatives of SB for letting us know such a wonderful history.

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