Sinhasan Battisi 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,rushi muni ashram are performing poojas and there arrive kaveri and his son satyadev all the rushimunis are shocked to see her and get up from the pooja one of them shouts at kaveri saying how did such a characterless lady dared to come here again
Then arrives raja bhoj and asks the rushi to not use such bad word as it does not suits a rushi muni ,then the rushi muni asks who he is and y is he here with this characterless lady raja bhoj then tells that he is here to give justice to kaveri
The rushi muni then tells raja that he will tell him tat he will examine this lady and draws a line of fire and asks her to walk on this and if she is true then she will pass or else she will burn in this fire raja bhoj then stops her to give this exam and asks rushimuni to give this exam as it is important to be tested on the other side also rushi muni then tells rajan that he knows his rushi’s in ashram and no one will do this unless their is any proof raja bhoj then tells the rushi muni that he will bring the proof and leaves ashram
Raja bhoj then tells satyadev that he wil find the proof and give him justice but kaveri asks raja bhoj wat will change even he brings the proof people still call her characterless but raja bhoj convinces her that one step can change a lot of things in ones life
In ashram rushi muni is worried and is thinking of kaveri anad her pains that she has beared for nearly 15 years but the rother rushi muni tries to explain that they need not worry as kaverii is characterless and no rushi from our ashram could do this one of the shishya of rushimuni talks in between and gets scold for doing this and the shishya leaves raja bhoj is then seen assuring kaveri to keep her calm and wait here itself till he arrives with a proof and need not worry as god will show a way out of this
Raja bhoj then starts praying hard in fornt of god mahakali and performing some pujas to get help and then arrives devi there and asks raja bhoj wat can she do for him then raja bhoj asks her to help give kaveri justice and devi then assures that he will succed in doin this as he is nice to ladies and respect them as even i m a lady godess mahakali then tells raja bhoj to bring all the rushi muni in this well for bath and the one who is culprit will have only one day to live and u will find the culprit
Raja bhoj then goes to ashram and tells the rushi muni that he wants all the rushi muni to come wit him tomorrow morning rushi nirmuni then refuses to come along and asks raja bhoj to bring the proof here itself but rushi muni then agrees t o rajan and tells him that they will come kanti mani is frightened and plans to escape that same night and nirmani caught him and asked him where he is going and then kanti mani tells him that during those days he use to like kaveri but the son is not his and so he is scared of tommorows test then nirmani gives him a protection so that he wont be caught.

Raja bhoj tells that one who takes bath in this well and comes out he wont be the culprit

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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