Sinhasan Battisi 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja vikramaditya is seen in a temple and aks god tat how he can give a life back to the Brahmans wife and prays to show him the path and he will ring the bells unntill he gets the solution from god and the noise will be heard in the entire universe
Narayan reaches god Vishnu and asks devi tat y is god in such a deep concenteration tat he is not able to hear his bhakts plea devin then asks which bhakts plea narayan then tells he is samrat raja vikramditya
Devi then asks Vishnu tat y is he not listening to the plea of his bhakt and then god Vishnu opens his eyes and asks devi of which bhakt is she talking about then she tells tat he is chakravarti samrat raja vikramaditya and says tat he is the only one who can solve his problem god Vishnu then says to narayan tat the solution to samrats problem is with u only so ppls go and tell him and narayan leaves
Then samrat is seen requesting god to pls tell the solution and then there comes narayan samrat is happy to see him and narayan then asks wat is his problem then samrat says tat he knows tat he is here with the solution to his problem narayan then tells tat he will definitely give solution to his problem
While chitralekha is seen requesting Brahman to not to be so stubborn and let do the cremation process of devi nandini while Brahman refuses and says tat now the process will be done of both only wen he dies and tells tathe has given promise to his wife to be with her and says tat she does not understands his situation and will not know his pain until she goes through it and also says tat her husband samrat is an irresponsible person while listening to all this chitralekha leaves in a worry while totatrama nd mangla are seen laughing and saying tat whatever we did is so perfect and until they know the truth we will goo far away
Narayan then tells tat if the Brahman died then in this janm he will not clear the sin of killing a brahman and to give life to the Brahmans wife one has to go to suryalok and bring the amrit(i.e water after drinking one will get life)samrat then asks the way to reach suryalok while narayn tells him tat it is not as easy as indralok but even though samrat asks him to tell the way
Narayan then tells that it is through jalstambh it is just before sunrise tat the first ray tat emits has god varun rides on it and spreads the light and goes to suryalok o give the message of sunrise then into sea god varun is seen travelling to suryalok and greets god surya when he reaches suryalok and prays in front of him while suryadev blesses him
Narayan then tells tat if he can reach the suryalok with the help of jalstambh and take amrit from god surya if he succeds then well and good or else he has to face the charges of killing Brahman and after saying this narayan leaves and raja vikramditya is seen prayin in the name of god varun and request him to appear and help him to reach suryalok and he will pray until he doesn’t appears and after hard prayers appear god varun and asks him to open his eyes and then god varun asks him how can he help him samrat then tells tat he want to make use of the jalstambh to reach suryalok While varun dev tell him tat he is ready to help but it is not tatt easy to travel to suryalok no human kind has successfuly travelled yet
Into old fort uttara says tat if one tries hard then nothing is impossible while raja bhoj agrees to it then uttara says tat samrat successfully brings the amrit from suryalok while raja bhoj asks how did he bring it so easily while uttara asks y does he has doubt about oit then raja bhoj says tat as god varun said its not tat easy means it wouldn’t have been and he feels tat something bad is going to happen
Samrat is seen getting ready to leave for suryalok and comes varahamir ji and request samrat to not to go as whoever goes there will be burnt due to extreme heat while samrat says tat its his uttardaitva tat he has to complete and leaves while varahmir ji tries to stop him and comes maharani chitralekha with a thali in her hand and tells vahamirji tat samrats decision is right and whatever he is doing is right while samrat is touched by this and tells her how much proud he is to have her and even chitralekha says tat she is too greatfull to have him as her husband
Then samrat goes to the place where Brahman is and prays and says tat he wil be back only when he will complete his uttardaitva maharani chitralekha is seen praying god mahadevv tat today a wife kept a stone on her heart and let his husband go to a place from where he wont return she begs god not to save her husband but to save the samrat who lives life for people
Into old fort raja bhoj saya tat maharani chitralekha is a great women while uttara says tat yes and so it is said tat a women is like a universe and can do anything while raja bhoj asks wat happen further and uttra tells tat it was time where samrat was praying to varun dev to appear

Samrat is seen going to suryalok with the help of jalstambh while god indra shows concern tat how will he stand in front of suryadev with so much of heat around

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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