Sinhasan Battisi 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,real samrat successfully brings the fake samrat back to his place using panchtatva the fake samrat gets angry while real samrat is shouting at fake samrat tat wat did he think tat he will do anything on earth and the people on earth will just keep seeing and not take any action and then there appears god hanuman and asks fake samrat tat how did he dared to spread adharma on the planet earth which is the birth place of lord rama while fake samrat realises his mistake and feels sorry and asks lord hanuman to forgive as he was influenced by bahdraka to do this and then lord hanuman asks him to say sorry to samrat and then the fake samrat says sorry to samrat while the real samrat then tells tat when lord hanuman forgive him who is he to punish and forgives him and then lord hanuman asks samrat tat its time to go back to earth and then hanuman increases in size and samrat jumps on his hand and they travel back to earth they reach where chitralekha is and chitralekha greets lord hanuman and says tat its a blessing tat she is able to see him and even samrat thanx him for his help and says witout him this would not be possible while hanuman praises the efforts of maharani chitralekha and says tat he is happy and will remember her for all her efforts for her husband and he leaves Samrat then tells chitralekha tat he is greatfull to have her while maharani says tat she is equally privillaged to be his wife Into old fort vishakha concludes the story and tells raja bhoj tat now its time for her to leave and she vanishes and then there appears mahamay raja bhoj greets her and then mahamaya asks raja bhoj wat is vivekshilta raja bhoj then explains tat vivekshilta is using ur smartness wen u r stuck in a difficult situation mahamaya agrees and then raja bhoj asks wat happen to bhadraka and mahamaya tells tat about bhadraka it is only known tat he was the most powerful one in universe and he always struggled to spread adahrma and he was the only one who can travel all the 12 suryamandal and he divided his soul into 12 parts and set it on all the planets so tat he could not be killed and it is said tat he still exist on this planet but no body has seen him raja bhoj then asks her y is she telling him all this mahamaya tells tat it was her duty to warn him and now its his time to face the challenge and now he has two challenger and the other one is bhadraka and he sees tat there are bats flting around his head and then he is seen on a land raja bhoj then questions himself who are they and they asks them who are they and come in front if they can fight and they arrive they are four tantriks(black magician)they then fight with their magical powers with raja bhoj and raja bhoj defeats all of them and then these tantriks get hold of him and take him to a cave where he sees tat there is no one and sees a book he tries to open it and the book opens and a picture is seen of a man who is seen moving and he comes out and introduces himself as Bhingraj he says tat lives in this book and tells tat the one who brought him here are also the one who are jailed on this book raja bhoj then asks y did u bring me here bhingraj tells tat they brought him here so tat he can rescue them as he is (smart )vivekshil but raja bhoj refuses and says tat he will never release a tantrik as they spread adharma and fool people around while bhingraj says tat he will have to pay for this one day and bhingraj tells tat his entire kingdom is been captured raja bhoj says tat this wont happen and u r lieing but then bhingraj says go to ur palce and checkout while raja bhoj thinks how will he reache is kingdom and then he touches the book and reaches on earth and after travelling some distance he reaches the borders of his kingdom he moves further and is surprised to see tat there is nothing around and is seen shocked by this.

Precap: Maharani vallari is shouting for help from the book while raja bhoj assures tat he will save her and find the way but then bhingraj says tat he can help him but then he has to listen to wat he says

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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