Sinhasan Battisi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is seen using his powers to hit the target that is the head of bhiru grup and finally he is killed and then comes a soldier with a news tat nadini devi is fine and served well while chitralekha says tat wen the brahmadev will be back he will be happy to see his wife and the responsibility taken by us Into old fort uttara says tat the battle is also over and the time of the Brahman to return back has also came then samrat is seen arriving in his village while he prefers to first visit nadini devi and when he goes to check out for her he gets no reply and thinks tat may be she is resting and goes further in palace where comes maha mir ji and tells tat nadini devi is fine and they have taken good care of her and there arrives the Brahman and is happy to see samrat and asks the reason for happiness all around the village samrat then tells tat he just succefully performed his responsibility to protect his people and tat is y everyone is happy and aslso tells tat nadini devi is fine while the Brahman asks to take a visit to her and leaves Brahman then calls his wife to open the door but there is no reply and when sees through window he sees tat nadini devi is lying on th floor and is not awake and then when he enters the room it comes to his notice tat she is dead he is shocked to know tat how did this happen in the rajya of samrat vikramaditya and in angers shouts tat samrat has took the uttardaitva of taking care of his wife and he is the only reason for his wifes death and his wife is dead due to no supply of food Brahman with his wife’s body in a;; anger enters the palace and calls out raja vikramaditya and blames him for the death of his wife as he has took the uttardaitva of taking care and he also tells tat she is dead because she was not given food to eat while varahamir ji stop Brahman and says tat may be she must be dead due to some other reason but samrat stops him and says tat its time to give justice Into old fort raja bhoj is shocked tat how did this happen a death of Brahman in samrats empire then uttara says tat was it samrats mistake then raja bhoj tells tat no it was not samrats mistake he was performing his responsibility of safeguarding his people and he has given the responsibility to his servants and then in palace samrat calls totaram and mangla and asks them wat happen they both are crying and tell tat nadini devi was doing fast and said she will not eat until her husband comes when they used to serve her food while Brahman in anger says tat his wife never did any fast witout asking him and these servants are lieing samrat then request Brahman tat he has taken responsibility so he must be punished and is ready tod o anything he says but the Brahman says tat wat punishment he can give his punishment will be to see him dieing he will not eat or drink and die due to this and it is his punishment to see him dieing while Brahman dev says tat samrat is the culprit and has done the sin of killing a Brahman samrat isi shocked to hear this Samrat in his room is seen worried and comes chitralekh samrat then says tat wat all has happened it was my responsibility to take care of nadini devi while chitralekha says tat i know wat all happened is not good but now we should find a way out of this Into old fort uttara says tat samrat is ready to get punished but he is not getting any way out of it raja bhoj then says tat this is the cycle of life and further narrates the story as Brahman is seen with his wifes body and samrat besides him then the Brahman says to samrat that if he realy wants to do something then give life to his wife and if he can do so he will be forgived and the the Brahman sits down besides his wifeand calls out all the gods and says tat he will not have any food or water and will die while samrat is seen helpless standing besides them

PRECAP: Narayan tells samrat that he can bring the amrit from suryalok and give life to nadini devi and then samrat is seen praying varun dev where varun dev tells him tat he can take the means of water to travel to the suryalok and also warns him tat no one has reached the suryalok yet and then smarat is seen getting ready for his journey

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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