Sinhasan Battisi 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,rishi vishwamitra is seen meditating and there comes chitralekha and rishi asks chitralekha tat y is she here and then chitralekha says tat she has not welcomed him properly after his entry in this palace and so she wants to greet him properly and rishi vshwamitra gives her permission and then chitralekha washes rishi vishwamitras legs and then serves him food and asks him to have it vishwamitra haves the food and says tat he is happy with her this greet and then chitralekha says tat this is her dharma to greet a rishi as samrat stoped to attack a rishi is not his dharma while rishi asks chitralekha tat wat she is trying to say chitralekha then says tat samrat followed his dharma while u played a trap on him and just for ur ego u r asking him to bend in front of u this is not rit while rishi vishwamitra says to chitralekha it will be good if we bends infront of me or else u will see in the morning wat I will punish him and leaves chitralekha than says tat she is proud of her husband and supports his decision . God indra and all other god goes to rishi vashishtha and ask him tat y is he back on dron mountain has he called off the yagya if it is so this is not a good news while rishi vashishtha then replies tat the yagya will only stop wen samrat will give up his selfrespect and he has not agreed to it yet so the yagya is stillon Vishwamitra on the next morning for the last time asks samrat to give up his selfrespect while samrat denies and then vishwamitra punishes him by asking him to give up all the ornaments and the clothes as tat he is wearing as a raja and asks senapati to remove it sanapati doesn’t go and then samrat ask him to do as vishwamitra says and removes all his ornaments while vishwamitra laughs at samrat saying tat ur stubbornness not to agree to bend in front of me has brought u to such a level and then he applies a black tika on samrats forehead indicating his insult to be a raja and then order to arrange a palki and samrat is being punished to take a round around his village in front of people with this insult and then samrat is seen eitting in the palki and taking a round while people in village are sad to see their raja in this way and then they stop the palkhi and say tat they will come with their raja wherever he goes samrat asks all of them to please stay here as it will be safe here for them and asks them to leave and all of them leave again vishwamitra ask him to bend in front of him but samrat refuse and then vishwamitra asks him to leave this village and go out of the borders and samrat leaves while chitralekha comes running to samrat and says tat she will be with him as it his her dharma to be with her husband in all ups and down while vishwamitra says to her tat there is no need to do this and she can stay back in the palace but chitralekha refuses and stays with samrat. Vishwamitra is then seen in palace showing all the gods tat samrat will soon accept his defeat wen he will roam in the jungles he will come back and bend in front of him but then god indra says tat this day wont come as samrat will never give up his self respect into old fort ambika says to raja bhoj tat samrat is a very great personality and he will never give up his selfespect.narayan from the skies is seeing samrat and chitralekha while samrat is seen cutting wood logs and is staying in a small hut while chitralekha asks samrat tat she understands him very well and she thinks tat u r sad now samrat then says to her tat he is not sad rather he is very happy tat he has got some time to spend with her and he is happy tat his self respect has not damaged and then narayan after seeing this goes to meet vishwamitra while he welcomes narayan and says tat he has come on right time and tells him tat he should go and see samrat he is in jungle struggling to survive but narayan tells him tat he has came here after seeing samrat and chitralekha happy in jungle rather they are happy .and narayan leaves while vishwamitra sees samrat around and it is his imagination and samrat in his imagination says tat he has already won as being raja he is in jungle leading a life of rishis and is happy but u after being rishi have a life of raja now and wat else do u expect and it vanishes and bishwamitra then shouts loudly to all the dash dishas the 5 tantras tat he is searing tat he will make samrat give up his selfrepect and this will be his only aim now.

PRECAP:– Chitralekha asks samrat for some water and samrat goes to take some water but then water vanishes and vishwamitra does this and asks samrat to bend and touch his feet if he wants water while samrat is thinking wat to do and then narkasur is seen attacking with all his high powers to capture on swarglok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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