Sinhasan Battisi 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen talking to maha maya she asks raja bhoj that does he knows wat is the importance of character? Raja bhoj then tells that he wants to know this from her she then explains that the character of a raja should be good so that people in his kingdom will follow him raja bhoj says that he agrees to her devi mahamaya then asks wat will he do if he he finds out that a person is being blamed as characteless?
Raja bhoj then hears sound of people shouting to catach a boy and sees himself in a jungle where a group of people is running behind a boy to kill him just because the boy doesnot knows his religion
The people catch the boy and are about to kill him there appears raja bhoj and stops them asks them whya are they hitting him one of the person from group tell that the nyaysabha (group of justice ) has decided to kill this boy as he doesnot know to which dharm and religion does he belongs raja stops them from doing this and tells that no one has a right to kill anyone for such a reason and fights with the people
Raja bhoj then asks boy is he ok and asks him to tell wat actually is the problem the boy then tells that he wants to learn and wants to be a teacher in future but no teacher is ready to teach him because he does not knows his gotra and religion and so the teachers are not ready to teache him raja bhoj then asks him y is he not knowing about his gotra satyadev tells that he don’t know who his father is and so he don’t know wat is his gotra Raja bhoj then assures satydev that he will help him find his father and asks where is his mother satyadev then tells that she is on a mountain doin meditation(tapascharya)and takes raja bhoj to the place
Satyadev reaches near her mother seeing him his mother gets happy but also is worried and asks satyadev that y he came here raja bhoj then replies that he brought him here and asks permission to ask a question she agrees and raja bhoj asks her who is his father satyadevs mother replies that she doesnot know raja bhoj then tells her knowing who his father is important in this world to survive and to make him know his identity
Raja bhoj then tells that she has to tel her past but satydevs mother asks him to leave it as it was past but raja bhoj requests her to tell her past satydevs mother then starts teling that she was a savikain an ashram where many rushimuni use to meditate and the ashram was more beautiful then swarg but the ashra, changed into a nark because of me she then tells that it was the month of shravan when i got to know that i was pregnant the she went to rushi ved to tell him and tells that she does not know wat happened but definitely something has happened in ashram itself the enter an rushi who tell ved rushi that she is trying to say that someone from our ashram has did this and she doesnot deserves to live here anymore and she is characterless women rushi ved then asks her to leave now as he cant take the responsibility of her and her child.
Satyadevs mother then asks raja bhoj tat wat is her mistake tat she has not told satyadev his fathers name raja bhoj then says that its not her mistake and asks her to take her to the ashrama and he will find out the truth and do justice

Raja bhoj is seen talking to rushi ved and assures him that he will find out who is the father of satyadev along with proof

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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