Sinhasan Battisi 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,maharani vallari says to raja bhoj tat y is alway the female been targeted devmani sacrificed his wife chandrika because he has a doubt tat she has killed her in last janma and then maharani vallari says how would a male feel if he goes through it and then raja bhoj says tat he has to take some harsh steps against this and do something so that here after a lady is looked up with respect
Raja bhoj and maharani vallari are seen praying in god suryas temple and in front of them appears god surya and he asks now wat he wants y has he called him now and then raja bhoj requests him tat please take back the suryasahita and god surya asks y and raja bhoj tells tat people believe in the last janma and narrates the story of devi chandrika and devmani how it revolved around the suryasahita and he says tat a man will never be in peace due to this and then god surya agrees tat suryasahita is affecting the society badly and agrees to take back the suryasahita and does so and then god declares tat here after a human will only get to know about his future and not about his past and disappears.
Raja bhoj then thanx maharani vallari as witout her support he could have done nothing and asks her to be always with him and maharani says tat she will be with him always and raja bhoj jokes tat now how he will know about their relationship in past and maharani vallari says tat he should not joke as their relationship will always remain like this and then raja bhoj takes permission to leave for his singhasan battisi journey and maharani vallari wishes him good luck.
Raja bhoj rides on horse and reaches the old fort and meets mahamaya she then says to raja bhoj tat he and samrat vikramaditya have shown immense respect towards a women and now he can move further to achieve singhasan battisi and raja bhoj thanx her and goes ahead to climb the stairs
A female voice welcomes raja bhoj she is parakram idol jaylakshmi and then raja bhoj remembers about his fight to prove parakram and jaylakshmi says tat this is how u succeed in proving your parakram then comes next devi rakhtmanjiri who is idol of sacrifice and then raja bhoj remembers his journey to prove his sacrifice quality rakhtmanjiri welcomes him and vanishes
Then comes chandrakala and introduces tat she represents justice and then comes Chitrgandha she represents charitra(character) then comes yogmala she represents the yogshakti then comes padmavati she represents paropkar and raja bhoj reminds his journey to prove his paropkar how he killed shankhasur and saved matsygandha padmavati welcomes raja bhoj and disssapears and then comes uttara she represents uttardaitva then comes vajranthi she represents pursharth then comes kritika she represents kartvya(responsibility) then comes vishakha she represent vivekshilta in this singhasan and then comes maître she represents friendship in this singhasan and then comes devi she represents atmasaman (selfrespect)then comes nallini she represents respect to woman in this singhasan raja bhoj greets her with pranam and then climbs the next step
Mahamaya then says tat these were those exams tat u gave and there are many more to come and then she says tat the exam has not finished yet you have to still go long way to achieve the singhasan after u achieve it u have to follow all these as samrat vikramaditya did and after achieveing singhasan your task is not over but a new chapter will start and the mahamaya showers flowers on raja bhoj and raja bhoj climbs the steps a male voice then says tat may raja bhoj continue with his exam and achieve his singhasan .


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Please don’t stop this serial after so long time there is a good serial unlike saans bahu and afair…….please please please don’t stop it

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