Sinhasan Battisi 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen shocked to see mahamaya she tells her tat his decision to sacrifice all his punya is wrong and he cant achieve the sinhasan battisi he should do it according to nidhi and then he just reminds of the shell given to him by shankh dev and mahamaya for finall warns him that is he wants to achieve sinhasan then he has to leave these people in this state or else he has to forget his dream
But then raja does his pooja and rushi gyaneshwar tells tat for this pooja we require the happy tears of matsygandha then she gives tat tears and all the people are back to normal while mahamaya is seen concerned and she says tat raja bhoj took a wrong decision and then samant is also released and then he asks matsygandha to forgive him then she says tat his punishment is tat here after no one will kill mermaids to achieve siddhi and they will be having only the permission to feed the fishes while raja bhoj asks everyone to thank rushi gyaneshwar as he as also helped
Raja bhoj then leaves matsygandha to matsylok and the mermaids thank him to bring matsygandha back matsygandh then asks raj abhoj to stay so tat she can welcome him and thank him for his help but raj abhoj says tat it is urgent o leave and promises to come back and goes to old fort into old fort and mahamay is seen angry and says tat he took wrong decision and now he has to leavae behind his dream to achieve singhasan mahamay asks tat is he regretting about his decision but raj abhoj says tat he is nott regereting but feels bad tat now he has to leave this here where he actually wants to achieve the sinhasan he then leaves and then mahamay calls out and stops him and tells tat actually he took right decision and asks him to look back and raja bhoj is surprised to see the dakshin mukhi shell in her hands and mahamaya tells tat he actually took a wise and good decision with a very selfless thought and asks him to play sound from the shell so tat he can light up the half part of padmavati and when raj abhoj creates sound she is lighted up wholely and padmavati thanks him and saya tat his paropkar is equal to raja vikramadityas paropkar and asks him to go further to achieve singhasan after climbing the step when he goes for next step their arrives Uttara godess of uttardaitva and then raja bhoj asks to tell the raja vikramadityas story of uttardaitva she then tells tat raja vikramditya was practicing with javeline but witha blind fold and he succefully blocks all the attacks made on him
Then comes one das and tells tat their is one Brahman who wants to meet him raja vikramditya then feels happy and plans to meet with maharani chitralekha when they arrive they welcome them and ask them wat is the purpose to arrive her and the Brahman tells tat hehas planned to go badrinath yatra and he cant take his wife and he has no son to take care of her so he requests raja vikramaditya to take care of her and samrat and chitralekha agrees to it and ask their servants to make arrangements for her stay in the palace but the wife of Brahman refuses and request to make arrangements in a small hut and then samrat assure the Brahman to see the arrangements and then leave for his yatra

Raja vikramaditya is seen in a fight using bow and arrow and then later it is shown tat the Brahman sees his wife dead in the hut

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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