Sinhasan Battisi 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,maharani vallari is consoling devi chandrika she will get justice soon and raja bhoj will help give justice .dev mani is talking to a poster of chandrika he is saying sorry to her as he did wrong and let her go and disrespected her he then swears tat he will bring her back keep her happy and will give her respect .
Raja bhoj enters palace maharani sees it and asks him wat happened about chandrika and raja bhoj said tat u were always right the women of our era are always trapped in some stupid traps and he then tells her the story of devi chandrika and devmanis past janma and y she killed him in past raja bhoj says tat she was going to kill one of her brother but by mistakenly the javelline hit devdhar and so she kills herself later saying sorry to him listening to this maharani vallari asks did they believe u and raja bhoj says tat yes he believed me and now he is having respect towards devi chandrika maharani vallari thankd mahakal for his blessings and then raja bhoj tells her tat devmani is coming soon to take her maharani vallari gets happy and decides to inform devi chandrika as she will be happy to hear this
Budheshwar asks devmani where is he going and devmani tells tat he knows the truth and is going to bring back his wife budheshwar then stops him and says tat are u foolish to go back even after u know wat is in future for u then devmani says tat he knows tat in last janam his wife tried to save him but unfortunately he was killed and then budheshwar says to devmani tat he is worried about ur present and tells him tat his kundli says tat in this janam he will be killed by a lady devmani is shocked
Devi chandrika is happy to hear tat she is been forgiven and thanks raja bhoj for his help raja bhoj says tat he should not worry now and maharani vallari then asks her to get ready as soon devmani will come to take her back
Devmani then says to budheshwar tat may be he would be killed by a lady in this janma but it is not written tat she is my wife and budheshwar says tat who has told tat she could not be ur wife as she is the only lady who is closer to u and can be the reason of ur death but devmani says tat raja bhoj told him the truth by seeing the same book of surymahi tat u showed him the truth of his past janma budheshwar again says tat he should worry about his janma and should listen to him but devmani says tat he could not doubt on his wife just like tat budheshwar says to devmani tat u r not believing me as I have always been worried for u devmani says tat he definitely believes u but his soul is believeing devi chandrika and the truth told by raja bhoj
Budheshwar then says to devmani tat may be this is the trap of raja bhoj and chandrika to kill u by calling u to Ujjain and devmani belives him and decides tat he will not go to take her and asks budheshwar his life is in threat by a woman and budheshwar says yes and then devmani decides tat he will stay away from all the womens and calls his soldiers and ask them to take away this painting of chandrika and asks them to keep an eye and do not allow any women to enter palace while listening to this budheshwar cunningly in his mind says tat he is successful to trap devmani in his house and soon he will be rich.
In palace raja bhoj wonders y is devmani taking so much time to reach Ujjain and then comes a soldier with a letter he tells tat devmani has sent this letter and leaves giving it to raja bhoj he then says to chandrika tat devmani has sent this letter before his arrival and so he gives it to chandrika and asks her to read it. Chandrika happily opens it to read it and is shattered to read the message and cries and runs away both maharaj and maharani wonder wat is wrong and in curiosity valllari reads the letter and they get to know tat devmani has refused to come to take her and says tat he wont accept her as his wife and asked her not to wait
Budheshwar in his room is happy thinking tat he has been successful in his plan and soon he will make devmani go crazy and he will be soon a rich person and calls his student a lady and tells her tat he has to do a work and she then asks wat kind of work and budheshwar gets angry tat how did she asked a question and the lady then says sorry to him as he is her guardian and caretaker and will do anything he says and budheshwar tells her tat this is a very important task and if not done correctly it can cost us our lives we could be killed
Raja bhoj and maharani vallari are searching for devi chandrika vallari asks a soldier tat have they seen chandrika going from here and the soldier says no while raja bhoj meets vallari says tat even he searched for chandrika but have not seen her and comes a soldier and tells them tat he has seen chandrika going out of palace and raja bhoj and vallari goes to see her out of palace and see her and follow her to stop her and chandrika sees a knife and says tat now there is no reason for her to love and so she lifts the knife to kill herself and raja bhoj holds her hand and stops her from doing this and vallari and he explain her tat killing herself is cowardness and she is a strong woman and should not do this.

Raja bhoj says to chandrika tat he has not forgotten the promise made to her tat he will give her respect to her and then devmani is seen getting frighten of a statue of lady and saying tat please do not kill me and then comes raja bhoj and devmani says tat please stay away from me as u can kill me raja bhoj then asks him tat y r u so scared of woman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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