Sinhasan Battisi 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samant ,tantric and matsygandh are seen in a cave doing poojas where samant asks matsygandha to give her tears in exchange of food given to her while she refuses and curse him tat whoever he will see i.e humani being he will turn into gold and matsygandha prays to god and vanishes along with the shell then samant asks wat if the curse turned into reality and suddenly tantric is seen turning into gold where samant seeing this gets very happy and raja bhoj is seen promising the mermaids to rescue matsygandh while mermaids ask tat y he is helping them to this raja bhoj replies tat he just wants to help
While samant comes to village with his eyes close and when he seen a man outside his house he turns into gold then he calls his wife out and tells her about the blessing he got of turning human being into gold and he then sees his wife and then she is also seen turning in to gold his wife tells him tat this is not a blessing but a curse but he doesnot listen to him and leaves
Raja bhoj wen comes to village he sees all human being into gold and sees samants wife who is about to turn completely and she then tells raja bhoj tat his husband has gone crazy and just shows the direction where samant has gone then samant is seen talking to himself getting happy about the blessing he has got from matsygandha raja bhoj finds him but does not comes in front of her and calls out for samant and asks him to stop this as this is not ryt while raja bhoj attacks him from back side and when he tries to use his sword he gets and idea from reflection of the sunlight and he comes in front of her and keeps the sword in front of his eyes and when samant sees towards raja bhoj his rays gets reflected and then samant is seen turning into gold while he cries out for help as he doesnot want to turn into gold raja bhoj then asks where is matsygandha to release him for curse he needs to know this but samant tells tat matsygandha has disappeared along with the shell
Raja bho is then seen asking mermaids tat where is matsygandha while they tell him tat they don’t know and then they see tat all the shell( dakshi mukhi )south directed are going towards one direction raja bhoj then fnds out tat where are all the dakshin mukhi shells are going and he finds out tat they are all getting drowned in the sea he then thinks and goes to rushi muni to ask them the reason of y this is happening
The rushi munis are seen discussing about the dakshin mukhi shells where are they all and then raja bhoj arrives and tells them tat he knows where are they and then rushi muni is seeing visuals tat all the shells are gone into sea and they are been called here bya aforce and all this is done by shankasur where he kills one of them
Raja bhoj is then seen showing concern about wat is happening and then he tells rushi muni about matsygandha and then he assures them tat he will stop shankasur and will go in the sea rushi muni then tells him tat it is difficult to go in the sea and survive then rushi muni tells him tat he should learn the technique to survive in water where raj bhoj shows readiness to learn it and then shankasur is seen capturing all the shells while the shells are trying to escape but cannot finds a way out
Rushi muni and raja bhoj are seen near river bank to learn the knowledge of surviving in water rushi muni then tells him tat it is difficult to learn this technique and only two of them in this world have knowledge about it one is lankapati ravan and the other was a fighter in mahabharat who hide himself in lake raja bhoj is then seen praying to these two people to bless him and then rushi muni tells him tat to learn this knowledge he needs to take into consideration two main things one is he should not be selfish and second is tat he should be a paropkari(i.e charity or donation) raja agrees to it

Shankhasur is seen forcing matsygandh to marry him and then raja bho is seen finding matsygandha and the dakshin mukhi shells

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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