Sinhasan Battisi 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,
The series is based on Ujjain a place in Maharashtra known for its great leader, one such leader was king vikramaditya who was well known for his justice n intelligence after him there were no great leaders till raja bhoj after 1100 years, raja bhoj was also known for his intelligence justice n for his dharma n as a devotee of maha kaal.
Raja bhoj is informed by the sarpanch of Ujjain that there is a guy who gives justice n knowledge abt dharma as u do n so we are in great confusion whom to respect n who to respect a minor boy, raja bhoj says respect shd be through knowledge n not position, but since u people say i would like to meet the guy.
Raja bhoj goes to the boy who busy playing a flute on a old fort, raja asks the guy some question abt life n dharma n shocks n pleased to hear his knowledge abt dharma n justice, he asks the boy to come to the castle next day, the guy is welcomed in the castle, raja bhoj asks maharani pallavi to welcome the boy, the boy falls in feets of raja bhoj n says im sorry king but this knowledge which u think is mine is actually the forts miracle i can have these answers only when im on that fort, n im not the only guy to be affected by the fort, a sanyasi says maharaj he is right i used to be a robber but when i went on that fort i heard a voice asking me to leave this evil job n so i did, n there are many more.
Raja bhoj is thinking abt the fort when he hears a pleasant music , raja follows the music n reaches the old fort n sees a light emiiting from it, he decides to find the truth about the fort he decides to dig the fort but the workers says that while digging the weapons broke but the stones are so hard that they are difficult to dig, maharani pallavi says i think maharaj u shd give away the idea of diiging the fort, raja bhoj leaves but says im going now but surely find the secret behind this fort.
In the night raja bhoj secretly goes to the old fort, n prays to lord maha kaal to help him find the truth behind the fort, from the skies a cyclone falls on raja n he falls deep inside the ground,he finds himself in a dark cave , he goes n looks after the cave keenly , he finds a throne.

Raja bhoj touches the throne n the whole cave comes to light n he finds a lady standing before him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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