Sinhasan Battisi 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is telling ganga Prasad tat the donation u gave will not give u heaven but hell it is adharma gopal is out of the palace and thinking tat how should he find the address of yamraj he then aska a passerby he asks y he wants to go to yam lok to fullfill his fathers wish the man gets scared and runs away saying tat he may take him also along with him
Ganga Prasad asks samrat tat who is he to force him he then tells tat he is samrat vikramaditya while ganga Prasad says tat he cant force him samrat then tells tat he is samrat and he has the right to punish for killing his son but ganga Prasad refuses and says tat he cant change the written fortune and leaves into old fort kritika tells raja bhoj tat this is a weird person on this raj abhoj then asks how can one humans life be dependent then kritika then tells him tat yes it is fortune tat a man can ask death of an another person
Samrat decides to search for gopal mother he then asks villagers near by and the old lady tell him tat his mother is alive near kaveri river chitralekha is seen searching for gopal but cant find him she then calls the soldiers even they try to find him but couldn’t but chitralekhs does not gets upset and decides to go on her own to find him
Samrat then meets gopals mother and ask her to help him to save his son gopals mother then says tat how will she help she has long back left the family values and his son but then samrat tells her tat she is a mother and ganga Prasad is no one to only take decision for their son as after marriage its the decision of the two and if she declares her decision ganga Prasad will be held guilty she then decides to go with him
Gopal is seen shouting out looking at sky to help him find way to meet yamraj there comes a rushi muni gopal then asks tat is he yamraj the rushi muni says tat he is not yamraj and sks y he wants to meet yamraj and gopal tells tat his father has donated him to yamraj and so he wants to meet yamraj and the rushi muni then shows him yamraj’s pic and asks hm to prepare an idol and say mantra ‘om yamdevay namaha’ gopal gets happy and leaves
Samrat comes to ganga prasads house along with gopals mother and tells ganga Prasad tat he cant take the decision alone as it is necessary to have the decision from ur wife too and gopals mother then refuses to donate her child to yamraj ganga Prasad then asks the rushi muni who came along with him to tell them reality the rushi muni then tell tat she cant be considered as gopals mother now because she did not look after her child as a mother and the marriage between ganga Prasad and her has broken 8 years back and a marriage breaks if they are separated for 5 years and so now only ganga Prasad has the authority to look after their son and every one leaves gopals motherthen requests samrat to do whatever he can to save his son then samrat goes in jungle and he hears chitralekhas voice who is searching for gopal she meets samrat and tells tat gopal is not at palace and he left witout informing then samrat looks worried and both of them go searching him
Gopal is then seen praying the idol of yamraj to please appear and there appears yamraj and asks gopal to open his eyes as he has listened to his cal and asks him y he called gopal then tells tat he is been donated to u by his father yamraj looks shocked listening to this gopal then asks y is he silent and will he accept the donation then yamraj said tat this is nature and he will have to accept the donation then gopal says tat as he is his donation will he take him now and how on buffalo? Yamraj then tells gopal tat his actual life was of 1oo years and he was going to die singing bhajans for lord Vishnu so now the change is tat he will have to wait for seven days he has to go to Lakshmipur 100 miles away there is god vishuns temple there u have to sing bahajan on the ekadivshis day
samrat sees a Brahman and asks has he seena small boy he tells tat there he is praying for yamraj and samrat thnx the Brahman and leaves
yamraj then tells gopal tat he has told him the way to his death and he will be waiting there and leaves gopal then he heres samrats sound calling for him and also sees him and chitralekha she then comes and hugs gopal and asks him where has he been gopal then tells both tat he was searching for yamraj and he met him and says tat yamraj told him the way to reach him listening to this from gopal samrat and chitralekha looks shocked .

Gopal is crying and asking chitralekha to please allow him to leave and he also says to samrat tat he tried his best to save him but the said is going to happen and he is seen leaving the palace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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