Sinhasan Battisi 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya is seen selling mud pots in sunandas place a lady refuses to buy the pots and replies that she used to nuy only makrands made pots raja gives a demo of his pots and its strength and people start buying his pots devi chandralekha tells that raja vikramaditya sells pot for an entire year but even though he is not forgived raja bhoj saya that he should have been forgiven but chandralekha tells that forgiving is not so easy
Sunanda is still angry with raja vikramaditya throws the sackof grains given by hima and asks him to stop doing this and go away raja vikramaditya asks sunandas son to take the sack of grains in if he wants to and leaves inlaws of prajapatis daughter arrive and asks prajapati to forgive him for his mistake and requests to send her daughter to her inlaws house and tells prajapati how he realised his mistake and tells how raja vikramaditya saves his life from fire and makes him realise what the truth is .sundri cries and tells sunanda that may be he is the culprit because of which my brother died but he changed my life by his good deeds
People from the village arrive at prajapatis house and remind him that now its his family to please brahmdev and prajapatis gets ready to be killed by brahmdev but people tell him tat brahmdev will get angry and kill everyone if he sees an elder person he wants someone young sunanda tries to stop everyone but no one listens to her and people from village let param be the feast of brahmdev when brahmdev tries to kill param raja vikramaditya arrives there and warns brahm dev to not to kill the boy or he will him listening to this bahmdev gets angry and starts to fight with raja vikramaditya
Raja tries to run away with param but param felss down and faints after fights with brahmdev raja gets hurt and fell down while brahmdev is about to kill raja param takes an axe in hand and tries to hit bramdev but misses it in the mean time raja vikramaditya takes the axe and hit on brahmdevs head and he dies and raja vikramaditya saves param
Sunanda and prajapati were crying for loosing their son param but then she hears params voice and sees that he is alive sunandas hugs param and asks how did he escape then param tells her that raja vikramaditya saved his life and also killed the devil sunanda then thanks raja vikramaditya for his help and say that he is the most eligible raja to give justice

Raja bhoj is seen seeking attention of the viallgers and say that he is here to sell himself and serve the one who bets highest a man serving the crmation ground for performing rights arrive and asks raja bhoj weather he will perform the duties given to him on cremation ground and raja bhoj happily agrees to it

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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