Sinhasan Battisi 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,adityanath warns raja bhoj to stay in limits as he is just a friend and if he utters one word against chandramukhi he kill him and then he takes away the sword raja bhoj then asks wat happen then adityanath says tat he stoped coz he was his friend if it was someone else he would have killed him and asks raja bhoj to leave but raja bhoj says tat he will not go as they are friends and he will save him but then adityanath then tells tat its his personal life and no one should advice him and asks him to leave while raja bhoj asks him to think once and leaves saying tat he will pray for him.
Then chandramukhi is seen meeting raja baluch where raja baluch asks tat y has she not killed adityanath yet chandramukhi then tells him tat adityanath is very favorite of his people in his kingdom and so killing him just like tat will be suspicious on him and so she will take some more time to kill and then baluch raja leaves asking her to kill him soon and capture kapilnagar chandramukhi then says tat she knows y is this baluch raja in so much hurry but now she will kill adityanath and will be the maharani of this kapilnagar
Raja bhoj is seen in jungle thinking wat he should do to save his friend adityanath and then he hears a noise of ghungroo and thinks tat who must be there in this thick jungle at this time raja bhoj then follows the noise and then he sees the foot imprints and recognizes tat they are the footprint of a lady and then he sees tat it has a drawing of snake and remembers wat brahmdat once said to him tat a vish kanya can be recognized by her foot prints as she has a drawing of snake raja bhoj then follows further to find out who tat lady is and the lady enters the palace and raja bhoj also go behind her and the lady enters the palace and the guards let her inn raja bhoj then goes in and asks the guard who enterd now and the guard tells tat it was the dancer chandramukhi raja bhoj understands tat she is the vish kanya and is here to kill adityanath
Later chandramukhi enters palace and comes raja adiyanath and asks chandramukhi where was she and then she lies tat she went to temple and then adityanath takes her to give her a surprise and gifts her a lot of jewelries chandramukhi gets very happy and then adityanath gives a special gift ghungroos which are diamond studded chandramukhi get happy but sees upset the next moment and then adityanath asks wats the matter and chandramukhi says tat this all is ok but a lady always wants to get married and adityanath then says tat he will marry her tomorrow itself and then there comes raja bhoj and congratulates adityanath on his decision and adityanath then asks how did he come back raja bhoj then tells tat he thought for his friends happiness and so he came to witness this marriage and then asks adityanath to call the Brahmins and see if there is a proper timing to get married and adityanath and chandramukhi leaves
Raja bhoj then thinks hard tat how should he keep chandramukhi away from adityanath and then he reminds wat brahmdat said tat vish kanya gets attracted towords love and lust and then next morning raja bhoj is seen in the same lake where chandramukhi was bathing while raja bhoj appologises as he didn’t know tat she was here too and leaves while chandramukhi is lodt staring him and feels attracted and then she pulls herself back saying and reminding herself tat she should focus on her target and not think of anyone else and goes to mahakals temple and starts pooja and raja bhoj is seeing her from far and then decides to play Lehra dhun and wen he starts playing it with his flute chandramukhi gets attracted and runs to find out who is playing and then raja bhoj suddenly stops playin the flute and chandramukhi gets back to her senses and thinks tat how did she came here and then gets back to the temple and then raja bhoj says tat so it is true tat the lehar music peace will keep chandramukhi hypnotoised and then in th palace of adityanath there are five Brahmins and adityanath is asking them to see tat is their a perfect timeing tat they can find out to get married and chandramukhi comes and asks tat y is there a need of Brahmin pundits to see for the correct time as the moment we get married will be perfect itself but then raja bhoj enters and says tat it is necessary coz in future it may affect their relationship and chandramukhi agrees to it but then Brahmin tells tat there is no such mahurat and then raja bhoj tells tat there is one way all they have to do is dip a silver coin in a pot of milk and put both of their hands in it and the shadow will fall and then we will get to know the time for the marriage chandramukhi tries to defend but adityanath does not listens to her and asks a dasi to bring a pot of milk and raja bhoj thinks tat this is the perfect time wen the vish kanya chandramukhi will get feared to track.

Raja bhoj challenges adityanath to have a fight with him and if he wins he takes chandramukhi or she will be his forever

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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