Sinhasan Battisi 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort vishakha tells raja bhoj tat this is how the fake samrat was arrested but raja bhoj says tat he did not agree as it may happen tat one whoo is arrested may be the real samrat then vishakha says tat he is right it may have happen tat the real one is arrested and so now the time has come to see who the real one is and then samrat is seen travelling to universe the one who is declared as true one he then call out to bhadraka to appear in front of him bhadraka then says tat he is listening to him and seeing him too as he can see anyone from anywhere while samrat tells tat he has completed his task and the real samrat is been arrested while bhadraka says tat the task is not completed as he has to kill the real samrat and then only his power of adharma will be spread and the fake samrat then says tat he will get the real samrat killed by tomorrow and leaves
Varhamirji then thinks tat even though the fake is been arrested he feels something is fishy samrat then arrives and asks y is he tensed as varhamirji tells tat the decision to kill the arrested one is being taken very quick and he needs to think while the fake samrat says tat no the decision needs to be taken soon but varhamirji tells tat a vivekshil raja thinks 1000 times before taking any step and so I request u too apply a stay on this decision.
Varhamirji visits jail and meets samrat and he sees tat samrat is saying tat he will die but before all this he will find out the reason behind all this mess and varhamirji asks him how can a jailed person think of the people samrat then says tat he has born to serve the people and he will die for them varhamirji says tat he is talking the language of their samrat but he will not believe him then the samrat says tat u can call maharani chitralekha and u will get to know the truth varhamirji listens to this and leaves.
samrat asks varhamirji tat according to him wat should we do with this fake person while varhamirji sees astrology and says in mind tat whatever the fake who is arrested cannot be denied and hence he tells the samrat in front of him tat we should not kill him but as a punishment ask him to go away from this land but samrat says tat no he will take him to all the people in kingdom and there will be decided wat to do next and then samrat goes to the jail and meets the samrat who is arrested and he then asks him how is he feeling here in this jail as now he is the samrat and u r an fake and arrested one while samrat in jail says tat may be his time is not good now but will definitely change and then the samrat in front of him calls the guards and senapati to take the arrested one in village among people and his decision of punishment will be taken there wile the smarat in mind says tat now he will kill the original samrat who is arrested and then he will be the samrat of Ujjain and smiles cunningly
samrat calls all the people in village and also brings the samrat arrested and asks him in front of everyone tat y did he do this he should confess it in front of all the people while the arrested samrat says tat he is not fake and u r and the people here are simple people and u r fooling them while the samrat gets angry and asks senapati to hit him until he tells the truth and senapati starts hitting him continuously
into old fort raja bhoj is shocked and he says to vishakha tat how could a raja like samrat could get such a punishment and he has the power to prove right everything now there and then y is he not doing it vishakha says tat samrat is very samrat he is doing it purposely so tat he can find out the main reason behind all this raja bhoj is very impressed to hear this and says tat samrat vikramaditya is a great man
in village senapati is still hitting samrat and then the people who consider the real one sees this and says tat he is so bad person tat he wont say the truth at anycost and so he decides tat he will be killed the next day
then in palace varhamirji sees the astrology again and says tat the stars are showing tat the raja of ujjain may die but then he thinks wat if the real one is getting killed and then he thinks tat he should some how stop this and then thinks tat samrat who is arrested said tat just once call maharani chitralekha and the truth will be here and he then calls the bird and ask her to help him and go and give a message to maharani chitralekha and she agrees and flies the samrat who is considered to be original sees the bird flying hits it with and arrow and then shouts tat he will succeed in his plan and no one can catch him and no one can come in his way.
varhamirji gets to know tat the bird has been attacked and runs to her she then says tat she is sorry tat she couldn’t complete the given task and dies varhamirji then sees the arrow tat she is been hit and says tat which is this arrow and he has not seen it before and who must have used this arrow
into old fort vishakha tells raja bhoj tat after the bird died the original samrat has no way to prove himself and asks raja bhoj is their anyway still tat can make him prove raja bhoj then says tat wen all the road are closed then one should trust his vivekshilta and samrat will do this and find a way out
fake samrat then enter the jail in which the arrested samrat is and serves him food giving him a cunning smile.

The fake samrat is telling the real samrat tat he is here to spread adharma and spread negativity every where in this world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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