Sinhasan Battisi 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort padmavati then asks raja bhoj who will kaal take away and wat will raja vikramaditya do to do justice raja bhoj then replies tat samrat will see tat he does justice wit kaal also then samrat is seen with kaal where kaal is asking samrat to do justice samrat then tells him to get ready to leave as he is ready to give away his soul while kaal is surprised to listen to this and he refuses to do so but samrat then convinces him to take his soul away and kaal agrees to it and takes away samrats soul and its converted into a pendant which is then seen wear by kaal then kaal declares tat samrats journey on earth has finished
Kaal then goes to yamlok and yamraj is seen waiting for kaal when he arrives he asks kaal that y is he late he then tells about the incident and shows yamraj who he has brought and yamraj is shocked to raja vikramaditya kaal then tells tat he was the one who caught him indra dev also appears their and asks yamraj tat how did kaal bring samrat raja vikramaditya and asks yamraj to release him while samrat tells tat he has himself asked kaal to take away his soul but god indra tries to explain tat samrats life is important while yamraj says tat it is difficult to give life to samrat as due to wat he has done has broke the cycle of life and death and this is the reason for raja rudrapratap is not having a child then god indra asks to find out a way out of this then yamraj tells tat he will give life to samrat for one week and in tat time he has to find a way to give a child birth to raja rudrapratap raja vikramaditya wakes up and is thinking about how to find a way out of this he then starts prayers and then arrives brahmdev samrat then asks brahmdev to suggest him a solution on this problem and brahmdev tells tat he has to donate someones child to raja rudrapratap samrat then says tat y cant he donate his child to raja rudrapratap brahmdev then tells him tat he should confirm it with his queen chitralekha as they r going to have only one child and after tat they wont be having any child but samrat gives his decision and asks brahmdev to bless them .
Into old fort padmavati tells raja bhoj tat samrat took the decision of donating their child with very ease but he does not knows tatwat will chitralekha do after listening to this will she agree further raja vikramditya is being welcomed by maharani chitralekha while she asks weather he completed his work for which he was out for so long samrat says tat yes he did complete his work but there is yet something is remaining and he needs her help and asks her to come aside to talk while vahamir ji is seen thinking tat samrat entering the palace at this time is not a good sign their is something g bad tat will happen.
Samrat tis then seen talking to chitralekha where he tells tat maharani rageshwrai had done fast to have a child but her fast broke and so she will not have a child now chitralekha then says tat its her fate and he should not worry about it but samrat then tells tat the fate can be changed if we donate our child to maharani rageshwari and let our child be born to maharani rageshwari he then says tat he has taken this decision while listening to all this maharani chitralekha is shocked
Into old fort padmavati tells raja bbhoj tat samrat is not knowing tat through wat pain and complications chitralekha is going while raja bhoj says tat it is difficult for a lady to take such decisions maharani chitralekha is then seen crying and asking samrat to take away everything but not the happiness of having a child while she runs to a temple and is seen crying in front of mahadev’s idol and says tat y is she facing such a comlpex situation samrat then consoles her and asks her not to cry and then says tat before taking any decision he wants to show her something and asks her to come with him.

Raja rudrapratap and maharani rageshwari have declared tat they will take jal Samadhi (they will drown themself in water) while maharani chitralekha is seen agreeing to donate their child to maharani rageshwari and raja vikramaditya and chitralekha are seen praying and raja rudrapratap and maharani rageshwari are seen in water

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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