Sinhasan Battisi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort vishakha says tat there were twobodies and both were samrat everyone was confused as who was the real one raja bhoj then says tat even both of them were same but their is always some difference between two identical things vishakaha agrees and then narrates further the one samrat who just entered the palace blames the other saying he is the false one but then the one in palace says tat whoever u are come bacl to ur original avtar and he will give u wealth and gold but he says tat he is not false but u are the one who came into palace asks varhamirji tat he asked him to look after the kingdom until he comes back leaving maharani chitralkeha at her fathers place while the one in palace gets angry listening to maharanis name and says tat no other person could take her name as she is his wife both of them get angry over this and are about to fight but varhamirji stops them and says tat from here sfter there will be no samrat for this kingdom the justice commite will decide it on next morning and he leaves
While varhamirj and senapati are seen talking where senapati says tat their need not to be worry as tomorrow they will get their real samrat but varhamirji says tat they have to do something on their side to find who the real one is and thinks of some tricks he goes to both of them and take them in confidence saying tat he is supporting him and tells tat he has to change his signature style but both of them refuse to fake it and gives him the real signature now varhamir comes out and says tat both of them refused to do it i.e no difference then he thinks of another trick now samrat is seen praying god and asks to help him and then he hears a sound of bird chirping in pain and decides to go to rescue
Varhamirji is now seen in forest its actually his tricke as samrat is the only one in this world who can hear the voice of birds the bird is a lady while varhamirji thanx her for helping and asks her take the avtar of bird and then varhamirji sees tat both the samrat appear their to help the bird both of them then ask the bird wat is her problem the bird then tells tat she was here to take water from a lake but has been lost one samrat tells her to go south and there will be a tree ahead will u see the lake and the brd thanx them and leave varhamirji is now shocked to see all this and says to himself it is gonna be very tough for the justice commite to take the decision
Next morning both the samrat along with the justice committee and varhamirji are seen in a hall one of them asks the first question at wat time did he left the palace along with maharani both of them answer correct as Amrityog the next question was they called the sarpanch and asked him to recognize which was the samrat who gave him a necklace and did kanyadan of her daughter the sarpanvh then says tat he is a simple man he is just thankfull tat samrat saved his daughters marriage and he leaves the next question was tat in wat avtar did samrat confronted kaal the answer is black horse both of them answer all this correct then samrat in white clothes says tat only real samrat knows answer to one question truely and Samrat asks how did maharani chitralekha used to draw the picture of samrat before her marriage and if u know this answer then u must be the real one coz the real one knows itthe other one says tat he does not know and the committee asks the one in white avtar he tells the story as It is a story of punar janam and he was a painter in those time and use to be always busy painting the pictures of birds while chitralekha is angry with him as he is not giving her enough time and one fine day samrat calls the birds so tat he could draw a good painting and chitralekha sees this an in anger attacks one bird with arrow and it dies samrat sees this and calls out who did this and surprised to see chitralekha ther he then asks her y did she do this she tells tat he never give her time and so she killed a bird the lover or wife of that bird comes and curse chitralekha tat even she will suffer separation from samrat in her next janam while chitralekha pleads her to not curse her and forgive her for wat she did and into the palace samrat says tat later the strongness of curse was reduced and this was the reason y she wa sable to draw samrats picture even before he saw him. Samrat says tat varhamirji u are good in astrology so pls tell tat is he right varhamirji then says tat yes according to astrology he has told the true story and then the committee decides tat one in violet avatar is the false one while he defends and says tat he is the real one and samrat who has been declared the real one asks the senapati to get hold of the false one so tat he could be punished now.

Samrat in white avtar has captured the other one and in front of the villagers say tat he needs to explain y he has taken his avtar and y is he doing all this and he needs to explain all this to us while the villagers agree to it

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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