Sinhasan Battisi 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is seen talking to namdev where he tells tat maharani rajeshwari is been kidnapped by takshak snake and asks him to stay here with his mother till he will be back
Into old fort padmavati then tells raja bhoj tat if samrat would not have saved namdev then he would have been killed raja bhoj asks then asks padmavati tat did samrat went to find takshak she then further narrates tat raja vikramaditya then goes to the snake temple and tells the godtat takshak snake has kidnapped maharani rajeshwari and he needs to find him and asks him tio help him find takashak god then indicates a signal showing a basuri and samrat plays the basuri and enters the land of snake to find takshak snake while he is searching he sees tat their are snakes all over the land few snakes transform them into humans and they asks samrat tat wjere has he came from he then tells tat he has came from earth the snakes then tell him tat humans from earth are their biggest enemies and tell samrat that they will kill him and they start fighting and with his powers saves himself from those snakes he is still searching takashak and their comes the raja nagraj of snake land and welcomes samrat and asks him the reason to come here samrat then tells tat he is here to meet takshak snake
Into old fort raja bhoj tells padmavati tat samrat is brave enough to enter the snake land without fearing for his own life to save namdevs life but raja bhoj also says tat he is concerned about samrat as he has many obstacles to face
Servants of takshak snake are seen serving him while nagraj arrives with samrat takshak then welcomes nagraj to his wedding ceremony while nagraj asks takshak that samrat has some queries to be cleared and samrat asks takshak has he kidnapped maharani rajeshwari takshak snake refuses this and tells tat human being are our enemies and so they are lieing all this nagraj stops him and asks him to prove tat he has not forcefully brought maharani rajeshwari and asks his servants to bring maharani rajeshwari
Maharani rajeshwari then arrives takshak snake then tells tat samrat has arrived from earth witha gift while he tells tat samrat is blaming him tat he has brought him here forcefully and has forced to marry him while maharani rajeshwari refuses all this and tells tat she is marrying with her wish and has not been forced by anybody samrat then reminds her tat she is already married to this maharani replies tat may be she must have been married but now she love takshak snake and wants to marry him takshak snake then tells tat everything is cleared and now wait until the marriage ceremony gets completed samrat is confused that how did maharani si doing this and he is thinking hard to find a way out where raja rudrapratap is waiting for samrat and maharani and is worried its been long time they have not arrived namdevs mother is also asking amdev to not to wait and let leave this village but samrat is thinking hard to find the truth or sya trying hard to find the way out of this mess
Into old fort padmavati asks raja bhoj tat now tell me how is samrat going to find out the way out raja bhoj then tells tat he will find his way out as he is a propkari raja and his paropkar wont go waste just like that.

Samrat is seeing maharani getting married to takshak snake and later he and nagraj gets to know tat takshak snake has betrayed and tried in a wrong way to get married to maharani while samrat asks nagraj to punish takshak harshly and takshak snake is seen fighting with samrat

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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