Sinhasan Battisi 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with ,In raja bhojs palace a man wit a knife in hand is heading towards gautami too kill her as he is about to attack she wakes up and defends herself and she rans calling out raja bhojs name they come and gautami hugs maharani vallari and tells tat someone attacked her raja bhoj then calls senapati and tells tat it is not possible for anyone to enter the palace as the security is very tight raja bhoj sees tat senapati is breathing faster and then just asks him to go and see for who was the man.
Raja bhoj then assures gautami tat her life is his first priority and then senapati is seen with the dharm gurus he is the one who is expected by the dahrm gurus to kill gautami the rushi muni then asks him tat did he succeed but senapati tells tat this will take time while the rushi muni says tat it is necessary to kill her as everything is happening aginst dharma and the day will come wen we have to serve the ladies in our house senapati then decides tat soon he will kill gautami as he also wants to do dharma
In palace raja bhoj is seen worried and asks brahmdat tat y cant the society give some respect to women brahmdat then tells tat this is all because of mansmruti people follows this as dharm and so they are not accepting the change and this mansmruti is written by manus raja bhoj then asks how can he change this brahmdat then tells tat manu has written this in Badrinath the badrika ashram cave and if he goes and does anushthan while he also tells tat wen manu died he has kept his soul in every human being raja bhoj then asks so this means he is in every humans heart brahmdat tells tat if he does this anushthan he will get to meet manus.raja bhoj then decides tat he will go along with gautami and do a anushthan there while they are leaving senapati hears them and asks raja bhoj tat can he come with them for the security purpose of gautami and raja bhoj agrees while senapati decides tat he will get a chance to kill gautami
Later after travelling for an entire day senapati asks raja bhoj tat they will stop now and rest as they have travelled a lot and near this lake he will go and make some arrangements for food and he leaves while gautami also says tat she will take a bath and also help in preparing food gautami is seen taking bath in lake while senapati sees tat gautami is going towards lake and raja bhoj is at the other side he then ties a scarf and enters the lake and get hold of gautamis leg and tries to kill her but she rescues her leg and comesout of lake and runs calling raja bhoj tat someone has attacked her in lake and then comes running senapati and tells tat this area is not safe as its the area of our enemies bhiro samaj and raja bhoj suddenly attacks senapati with his sword while gautami is shocked to see this and asked raja bhoj y did he attacked him and raja bhoj then tells tat he is the one who attacked on u and asks senapati y did he do this and he tells tat he is supporting the man oriented societ and doesnot wants the system to be changed while raja bhoj understands he is in the influence of the dharmsabha nad tells tat we should respect a women and senapati dies,they go ahesd to the caves.
Seeing tat they cannot enter the caves raja bhoj chants prayer on manus and the doors are opened for raja bhoj and gautami as they enter the souls their welcome raja bhoj and tells raja bhoj to go ahead to do the anushthan and raja bhoj thanx them and along with gautami goes ahead to start the anushthan they start the anushthan while they start chanting prayers the soul of manus which is in every body ofa human being starts getting together to appear in front of raja bhoj and he appears raja bhoj then welcomes rushi manus and then asks about the rule for womens written in mansmuriti and he also keep his thought to change it while manus agrees tat he has written the rules in manusmruti according to the time it was and he also says tat it is now time tat it should be changed and assures raja bhoj tat he will change it but then raja bhoj asks how will the changed rules made people known to then the rushi manus says tat he is in the heart of every human being at will automatically let them know about the change and then raja bhoj thanx him and he disappears and the soul of manus is sen reaching every heart of the human being.

Raja bhoj is seen asking rushi purshotam tat give me one reason tat i should believe u and allow gautami to go with u he then says tat a promise bya rushi is enough to believe but raja bhoj denies and says tat he has to give the agnipariksha and prove tat he is a patnivrata (one woman man).

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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