Sinhasan Battisi 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya seeing people being beaten in suvarn lok he is taken to yakshraj by the soldiers where yakshraj asks raja viakrammaditya to be his vehicle rider to ride for him and tak away as much wealth he wants to this raja vikramaditya replies that he is not here for the wealth yakshraj does not listens to him and orders him to become his reider and ride the vehicle for him or else he wont get the wealth raja vikramaditya remembers of the promise made to ritvik dhaj and do as yakshraj says suddenly the vehicle (rath) catches fire and yakshraj requests raja vikramaditya to save him and raja saves him by jumping away from the rath along with yakshraj
Yakshraj then realises that he was mistaken that raja is here to acquire all wealth he apologise to raja for his misbehaviour towards him raja vikramditya then forgives him and yakshraj understands for wat reason raja is here and tells him that wenever in dark colors will show u the path raja vikramaditya realises that he has to reach with the wealth to ritvik dhaj in time
Ritvik dhaj there asks yogini to give him water yogini then gives him water and says that raja vikramaditya should reach in time or else ritvik dhaj will die
Raja vikramaditya is then seen in a jungle confused of where he is and then there appears some beautiful and colourful butterflies and then raj reminds of the clue told to him by yakshraj raja then decides to follow the butterflies following the butterflies he reaches near the river where the butterfly transforms in to a (female) devi.
Into the old fort raja bhoj tells devi of sacrifice that its was raja vikramadityas test weather he falls for such a beautifull woman in front of him devi of sacrifice agrees to it it asks raja bhoj wat will raja vikramaditya do weather he will fall for the beautifull lady in front of him raja bhoj replies that if he is the person who give sacrifices and is not fascinated for woman then he will go ahead then devi of sacrifice tells him the story further raja vikramaditya greets devi and asks her who is she she introduces her as prakruti ki putri she says that she has been waiting for a person like him to arrive and asks him tat weather he is ready to sacrifice everything for her raja vikramaditya then replies that sacrifice is happiness for many people and sad for one the lady asks raja vikramaditya to marry her and fullfill her wish raja vikramaditya refuses to do so as he tells her that ther is no fault in marrying her but he has to focus on his aim to be here the devi in front of him saya that she knows tat he is here to have the wealth of gold coins she then asks raja vikramaditya to marry her and take away the wealth then raja replies that he will earn the wealth on his might and not by marrying her and take her leave
While the devi is seen still following her to convince him with his looks but then raja vikramaditya stops her from doing this and asks her to notbehave this way and tells her tat he is already married and will love his wife forever and apologies and leaves suddenly some flies attack the beautiful lady and start troubling her she calls samrat vikramaditya for help she transforms herself into butterfly runs away while the flies follow her
raja vikramaditya runs towards her to save her while she stops and the flies transform in to bad people troubling her she keeps calling vikramaditya for help while one of the enemy tells her to come with them as their raja wants to marry her and their arrives raja vikramaditya to help her he fights with them hard to save her and is successful

Raja bhoj says tat raja vikramaditya is a man following the dharma as he did a good job saving the woman from the bad flies then raja vikramaditya is seen talking to the beautiful lady asking her to help him find the wealth i.e the gold coins as he has to soon reach ritvik dhaj or else he will die and then the lady agress to tell him the way to get the wealth

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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