Sinhasan Battisi 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya is talkinh maha mir ji asking about namdev mahamirji is telling that he is still unmarried and has a mother who is ill and soon that boy will die and soon his mother will also die namdev is seen massaging his mothers legs when his mother says tat its her last wish tat wen she dies she wants her son to be besides her while her son gets angry listening to this asks his mother to not talk like this then raja vikramaditya asks mahamir ji about how can he stop this injustice then in old fort raja bhoj is seen asking godess of paropkar that how is raja vikramaditya is going to stop this written faith how will he do this the godess then tells him that it is the paropkar that will help raja vikramaditya do this then raja vikramaditya is seen getting ready to save namdevs life who is innocent rani chitralekha and mahamirji then enters his room where chitralekha asks him to not to go as she is scared of loosing him while raja vikramaditya tries to convince her tat he has to do this to save tat innocent boy then namdev is seen getting ready to go out for his daily job but his mother asks him to stop as she is scared tat she may loose him today and tells him about the dream tat she saw last night of loosing him namdev tries to convince his mom not to be scared as nothing bad will happen and promises to stay with her for today
Then raja vikramaditya is seen hearing dog cries which is indicating that the time has come and raja vikramaditya is trying to find out from where he is coming so as to stop him wen he sees the horse i.e kaal he stands in front of him to stop but it goes through him now raja vikramaditya is tensed that how willhe stop kaal then in to old fort raja bhoj is worried after listening and asks godess of paropkar how is he going to stop kaal then godess tells raja bhoj that his paropkar will help him stop paropkar then raja she tells further tat raja vikramaditya is seen praying to nature to help him and give life i.e actual body to kaal then kaal is seen turning in to an actual horse to whom now raja vikramaditya can touch and catch him samrat then tries to catch him but he releases him and goes away then chitralekha is seen worried and asks mahamirji why has samrat decided to stop kaal then mahamirji tells her tat its his dharma as a raja and so he is trying to stop kaal chitralekha then asks will samrat be safe then mahamirji tells that it is definitely not that safe to stop kaal she then asks mahamirji to see samrats astrology and tell watcan happen then raja vikramaditya is seen successful in catching kaal and ties it to a tree and the horse the turns into a human being then kaal is seen very angry and tells raja vikramaditya tat he is going to be punished severly for stoping kaal
Chitralekha is then seen requesting mahmirji to see astrology of samrat while mahamirji is asking her to accept wat is going on but she forces him to see samrats astrology and after seen samrats astrology mahamirji tells tat there is no death written but getting into someone elses matter can lead him to death
Raja vikramaditya is trying to stop kaal from killing namdev then kaal tells him that his paropkar will kill him while raja vikramaditya asks him to fight with him before going t kill namdev.

Namdev is been tied to atree and the raja of his village has ordered his soldiers to target and hit him with arrows while namdevs mother tells raja vikramaditya that the raja of this village has captured him and raja vikramaditya then promises her to bring back her son alive

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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