Sinhasan Battisi 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj and devi gautami are Seen going to earh and gautami asks how did he get to know about her raja bhoj tells tat her father told him and so he decided to find her she then thanx him and they go ahead maharani vallari is seen donating clothes to all the villager and all the villagers are saying tat she is great the way she has helped them a lady says tat she will never forget how she helped her wen she had no body around her while maharani vallari says tat she is her sister and daughter and so she helped them and then comes a soldier who tells her tat gautami and raja bhoj are back to palace
Gautami then tells her father tat how she was trpped by the raja sudarshan of bang desh raja bhoj then tells her tat now she is free to be with her loved ones wen she goes to rushi purshotam he stops her from coming nearer she asks y he tells tat he has decided not to accept her as wife as he cant accept her due to his kartavya and dharma raja bhoj surprisingly asks wat kind of kartvya and dharma is he doing rushi purshotam says tat he has his own reasons to sacrifice his wife raja bhoj tries to stop him and asks how can a knowledgeable person do this he then says tat this is his dharma while raja bhojsays tat all this doesnot makes any sense wat message will the society get through this rushi purshotam then says tat they will know wat dharma is and weather she is loyal and pure listening to this gautami screams tat she is pure to this rushi purshotam says tat he is not doubting her purity or anybodies purity but this is his decision tat if she wants to be with him then she has to go through the agni pariksha (fire exam) raja bhoj then says tat it might happen tat she could get killed purshotam says tat even a gold gets its glaze after going from heat and he leaves
Maharani vallarin is shocked and disturbed to hear this she then takes gautami to her room and gautami is seen crying while maharani vallari is trying to convince her tat she has her own life to live if a man can live without his y cant a woman but gautami says tat without husband there is no life for a woman but maharani vallari says tat this needs to be changed as its not her mistake then comes raja bhoj and says tat he tried to convince rushi but he is firm on his decision of agnipariksha maharani vallari then asks raja bhoj tat wathas he decided
Raja bhoj maharani vallari,gautami and rushi gaganigiri are seen at rushi purshotams ashram where rushi purshotam has prepared a fire pit for agnipariksha he then welcomes raj abhoj and asks gautami to go ahead with exam while raja bhoj asks rushi purshotam tat nat gautami but he will first have to give the agnipariksha listening to this purshotam gets angry and asks raja bhoj tat wat is he saying then raja bhoj says tat yes he is rushi and so he has to first go through the agini pariksha and prove himself purshotam refuses to do this then raja bhoj angrily says tat he cant believ how did he called such a stupid man for doing pooja at his place and then turns to gautami and says tat she will stay with her father while gangangiri her father refuses take her along saying tat this is against dharma as the dharma says tat no daughter can go back to her fathers home after getting married only her dead body can and he leaves
Gautami is seen crying she says tat where will she go she is been rejected by her father and sacrificed by her husband .maharani vallari asks her to be strong as crying is not the solution to this and then raja bhoj says tat he will take her to the palace and will make her arrangements there and they leave rushi purshotam gets angry listening to all this and swears tat he will not let this happen as the management from ancient times doesnot allows this and he will not allow anyone to change this
Gautami is seen stunned and upset raja bhoj is angry and says tat wat kind of society is this where they are not able to understand the feelings of a women a womens life’s important part are her father and her husband and if they only ignore the women then how will she survive
Maharani vallari then says tat this situation is all around the world a man can marry twice if his first wife is dead but if a women thinks of marrying again then she is considered to be a bad human being everyone look up to a woman for sacrificing her life and then she asks raja bhoj to come with her as she wants show tat similar situation is in our kingdom.

Raja bhoj promises maharani tat he will give respect to all these women equal to tat of a man and will do this as his kartavya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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