Sinhasan Battisi 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,rudrant shocked to see his son alive rajabhoj warns rudrant that soon he will be killed rudrant reminds of the vardan given to him and tells raja bhoj that he has powers of many warriors in him and no one could kill him raja bhoj then says that may be he is not physically powerful to fight with you but to kill a crooked man like you all that is needed is the internal strength that i posses and this is y u will be killed he then says that whoever is born in this world will die one day and so will be u lets c who win wether ur powers our my might
Rudrat gets angry and attacks raja bhoj ,raja then dodges his attacks rudrants one attack gets rebounced on himself and he fells down suddenly he gets up and starts laughing saying that no one could kill me ever as i m

amar and warns him that today he will the kid nd him ,nagmati comes in running near her kid seeing that rudrant warns killing all the three present therenagmati suddenly reminds of the protection locket given to the kid by jyotishi and tell about the locket to rajan.rajan takes the locket while rudrant attacks him and sees that rudrants power is being absorbed by the locket rudrant falls down as he becomes weak and the locket in rajans hand turns into a sword raja bhoj then attacks rudrant to kill then rudrant saya that he accepts the defeat and the rajas might has won and vanishes from there later nagmati and her son also vanishes the sword in his hands start shinning and he is brought back to the old fort where he sees devi maya
Devi maya asks rajan so which is superior poer of internal strength or external strength rajan saya its internal as the physical powers may fail but ur internal power always remains with u. Maya devi saya that he is rit then rajan asks about rudrant nagmati who were they maya devi then tells him that this is a secret path to wards the singhasan which he has to clear step by step listening to this he approaches to climb the first step after succefully climbing the first step when he tries to climb the second step the whole staircase vanishes and comes another devi out of the singhasan she introduces herself as the godess of sacrifice and will tell rajan about the sacrifices made by vikramaditya devi asks rajan what sacrifice means for him where rajan replies sacrificing our wishes and fulfilling others wishes is wat sacrifice is and asks devi to tell him the story of sacrifice made by raja vikramaditya
Devi starts narrating the story as once queen chitralekha was painting a portrait of raja vikramaditya she tells raja that he is not giving enough time to her as he is just in fornt of her but thinking about somethingelse constantly raja then replies that he is worried about his people listening to this queen chitralekha assures him tat people in his town are very happy and he should stop worrying about them and stand in a pose with a smile to complete the painting
Suddenly raja hears some kind of noise and gets distuebed he confirms with the queen if she also heard the same noise but she refuses to and then raja says that this is the noise of cries due to separation and runs out to look wat is wrong he comes out of his palace to see from where the noise is coming and stopping near a tree talks in a bird voice with the birds saying that everyone is happy and satisfied in his town then wat is the reason to be sad he then sees a flock of birds flying with the cries and then appears a number of sadhus in front of him who were the birds crying he asks them the reason of being sad and crying then one of the sadhus reply that tomorrow mahadhani ritvik dhaj will die and not because of the life cycle of birth and death but due ti his behaviour of sacrifice he earns everything and without any hesitation gives it all to others as a charity.
Raja then asks y does he gives it all as a charity then a sadhu explains charity is considered only of the valuables that are earned and not of the valuables u already have and we are sad that sucha personality will die tomorrow .the sadhus then transform into birds and fly away raja vikramaditya then thinks that how could such a great sacrificing person could die due to his quality of sacrificing this is injustice happening into the old fort godess of sacrifice asks him about what is superior life or sacrifice raja bhoj answers life as it is important to survive to do sacrifice and asks devi that y did ritvik dhaj gave importance to sacrifice and not life she then says even raja vikramaditya also had the same question in his mind raja vikramaditya the asks his acharay that wether he has reached any decision acharya then tells that in his previous life he was a business man and use to trouble the people a lot and kepp their valuables with him listening to this raja vikramaditya says that he is a nice person who sacrifies all his valuable for the people acharay then tells that for all the wrongs things he did in his previous life he has a got a chance to do good karma so as get moksha and get rid of the sins did in previous life and so he gives aways gold coins during every fool moon raja vikramaditya then asks surprisingly that from where does this gold coin he earns and then enters senapati with answer to his question and tells that ritvik dhaj bears the pain given by jogni at every fool moon which in return he gets the gold coins from the jognis which he later gives away as a charity raja vikramaditya then asks senapati the reason of his death which he replies the pain given to ritvidhaj by jognis listening to this raja vikramaditya decides to avoid the death of such a sacrificing personality because if he died then the sacrificing quality will contain no value in life further he then asks senapati that where does ritvik dhaj meditates senapati replies towards west

Ritvikdhaj is seen in front of jognis he asks for gold coins to them where the jognis remid him of how he can earn these coins raja vikramaditya is searching ritvi dhaj and he has to save him and ritvik dhaj is seen bearing the pain given by jogni

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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