Sinhasan Battisi 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat vikramditya gets up and again hears the sound of ladies crying and he understands tat it is coming from the palace and he then goes to see from where exactly is it coming and then he sees a lady going and he thinks tat may be she is maharani chitralekha but he says to himself tat she wont go anywhere without telling him and he goes further and see tat she is not chitralekha and then he goes behind her to check who is she and calls her out to stop but she goes on walking in village and then two ,three and more join her while seeing all of them samrat wonders wat is this going on and after going some distance they all vanish and later samrat hear the sound of the ladies crying and this time he hears it from the siddh kund he then goes to check there and he then sees the diyas tat the ladies where holding in hand in the siddh kund and as soon as he touches the water the diyas drown and samrat wonders how did this happened.
Into old fort raja bhoj asks nallini how did this happen and nallini then shows him how it happened and nallini says to samrat tat can he solve one question and raja bhoj says tat sure he will and she asks him tat y must be the ladies carrying the diyas and then raja bhoj says tat they are gone through some bad phase and so they were carrying the diyas and nallini says tat u r right and she further narrates tat samrat comes back to palace and chitralekha and varhamirji are waiting for him and chitralekha asks him as soon he arrives tat where was he samrat then says tat he heard ladies crying who went to siddh kund and they all don’t seem to be of this place and the most shocking was when he touched the siddh kund the diyas drowned even varhamirji thinks on it and asks samrat to come with him as he wants to show something and then in his room he is finding an old book and shows it to samrat and tells tat it is a very old book of tantra looking at it samrat says to varhamirji tat this looks like a book of tantra vidya while varhamirji tells tat this book is reffered by all the jyotishis(astro readers)and he reads it and tells samrat tat he was thinking right about the incident happened and tells tat the pretpaksh has started which comes in 100 years where the ladies who are dead get life for 15 days and they come as a atma(soul) and fulfill their not done wishes which can be either good or bad.
Next day in the palace villagers come complaining to samrat where one lady blames her daughter in law tat she has hit her while her son says tat how can she hit wen she was not in the town while another man comes with his father and they complain samrat he wanted to marry witout dowry but his father didn’t agree to it and so she has made him go nuts and now all the people are calling him mad person samrat asks who the man then tells tat his wife she is taking a revenge. Listening to this samrat assures tat he will soon findout wat is wrong and give appropriate justice and tat night samrat himself goes on a round around his village and sees tat people are awake and he asks them tat y are they not asleep and then they says to samrat tat they are scared tat wat happened with the other villagers would happen with us but then samrat asks them to be fearless and go and have sleep as he himself will guard them and they all go and then samrat hears againg the sound of ladies crying and goes in the direction to see it and he sees the ladies are sitting and crying while he hears them saying one says tat y did god gave her such a bad life and not gave her the right to give birth to son and so she has to kill herself and face embarrassment while another lady complains tat y did her husband went for another lady after having her as his wife another lady cries tat y did she could not marry any man y did the faith played with their life and now they will take revenge while samrat comes and says to them tat he will give them justice and the ladies laugh on him while samrat tries to assure but they vanish
Samrat comes back to palace while into old fort nallini tells raja bhoj tat this was all about the respect to woman and further narrates tat samrat meets chitralekha and varhamirji and he tells tat varahmamirji was right this is all about pretpaksh and tells chitralekha wat the ladies has gone through and what sufferings they have gone through listening to this chitralekha cries and samrat asks tat y is she getting upset and chitralekha tells tat she just heard the pain u narrated about the ladies the society has troubled them a lot and they have suffered a lot and then it is shown tat a man in village is removing his wife while she is crying and pleading him not to do this where will she go but he doesnot listen and is scolding her and removing while two ladies tat are atma are seeing this and then they damage the mans voice while the wife is seen wondering wat has happened to his voice and then they two atmas of ladies vanish samrat assures tat he will give justice to all the women weather they are the alive one or the atmas and will give them their respect in society.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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