Sinhasan Battisi 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja sudarshan welcomes raja bhoj and says tat he knows him well but he didn’t know tat one day raja bhoj will come here to ask for something raja bhoj then says tat he is not here to ask something but to take away gautami raja sudarshan then says tat he cant take her away as he loves heer and if he wants to take her back then he has to fight with him and defeat and then he can take away gautami raja bhoj accepts this challenge and raja sudarshan the with his magical powers transforms raja bhoj in to a goat and asks his soldier to tie him with the oyher goats raja bhoj then says tat he has to indicate maharani about this coz only she can save him and maharani and brahmdat are seen praying to mahakal and maharani feels blood coming out of her head and senses tat raja bhoj is in some trouble he is been traped in the magical powers of raja sudarshan she then asks brahmdat tat she will do kayakalp to bring raja bhoj back into originality brahmdat tells tat the kayakalp can be used only if we know in wat form has raja bhoj been transformed maharani then says tat she knows how to find this out and asks brahmdat to bring 5 types of soil and starts praying near a river side with the 5 different types of soil and then there appears th statue of a goat and brahmdat and maharani gets to know in wat has been raja bhoj transformed and they start further pooja and maharani prays tat if she has been a loyal,lovable and respectable wife then she prays to pls help raja bhoj to get his body back and suddenly the goat statue starts burning and raja bhoj is seen getting back into his original human body and raja bhoj then again goes into the palace and calls raja sudarshan to come and fight back without using the black magic sudarshan arrives and says tat till today no one has dared to break this magic he is surprised to see this and says tat he will again turn him into some other animal raja bhoj then challenges him tat he can try but he will not succed raja sudarshan tries twice but doesnot succeds then raja bhoj tells tat its his wife who is supporting and helping him then raja sudarshan acts and says tat oh my god he has lost and starts laughing cunningly and with his black magic udushakti prepares a small idol of raja bhoj and says tat now he will show how much power he has and then hits the idol while raja bhoj is attacking gets hurt raja sudarshan hits again the idol and raja bhoj gets hurt at the same time maharani feels the pain too and she calls brahmdat and asks him to make arrangements for the Agnee tapp while brahmdat says tat this is a very tough tapp but she says tat she will do it and raja sudarshan hits hard to the idol again and raja bhoj gets hurt badly
Maharani is seen getting ready to do the agnee tapp brahmdat again warns her tat its like playing with the life she then says tat if for good things raja bhoj doesnot thinks of his life then she can do this for his husband and she seen entering the fire circle and starts praying while raja sudarshan has removed the both legs od the idol and raja bhoj has fallen down and raja sudarshan also hits in the idols stomach raja bhoj feels the pain badly maharani is seen praying bearing the fire around and her tappp is successful and raja bhoj gets hispower back and gets up and attacks raja sudarshan with a sword while he is seen laughing and he dies and then the fire around maharani is also seen getting less and then after the death of raja sudarshan his palace also demolishes and vanishes
Raja bhoj is seen searching for gautami he then sees dasis and the dasis thanx raja bhoj for helping them free from the raja sudarshan gautami follows back raja bhoj and raja bhoj tells the dasis tat he is feeling good tat he helped them and now they are free to go to their native places gautami then says tat she is happy to see tat he saved her but can she know the name of the savior raja bhoj then tells tat he is maharaja off ujjaini.

Raja purshotam says tat he cant accept gautami as her wife as he is not guaranteed about her purity raja bhoj says tat how can u do this then purshotam says tat she has to go through agnee pariksha raja bhoj then says tat this exam could kill her then purshotam says tat even the gold gets its glaze after bearing heat and so gautami has to prove her purity loyality by giving agnee pariksha while maharani is seen disturbed listening to rushi purshotam.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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