Sinhasan Battisi 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,dharmguru asks the character ram to hit this arrow and do the ravan dahan while raja bhoj shouts to stop and all the people see gange and telam and then the sarpanch asks raja bhoj wat happened and raja bhoj tells tat these are the real ravans and these are the culprits but then dharmguru says tat wat proof do u have to prove them wrong while gange and telam say to people tat raja bhoj is beating them witout any reason and then sarpanch also says tat can he prove them but then raja bhoj thinks tat how is he going to prove this tat maharani is notof bad character and maharani vallari is seen doing mahakals pooja praying for good and then raja bhoj in his mind calls mahamaya as he need helps desperately he is stucked and then mahamaya replies and all people in the ravan dahan hear mahamaya saying tat she will show the proof and then shows all the visuals tat show them that it was all plan of gange and telam to show maharani vallari character less to separate her from raja bhoj and to also damage raja bhojs selfrespect people are all shocked to see all this and they all start beating gangu and teli
While they are running and they see raja bhoj in front of them as they stop in front of them they have raja bhoj and at the back they have people are very angry and they decide to go touch raja bhojs feet and ask him to forgive them the people behind say tat they should be hanged to death for their sin but raja bhoj says tat they will be punished by maharani vallari and takes them to her
Gange and telam are seen saying sorry to vallari and they say her tat they did to destroy urs and raja bhojs image and self respect while maharani vallari says to them tat they did all this to take revenge but now they have lost all their selfrespect and dignity so she forgives them and let them go witout any punishment
Later the character ram in ramleela asks maharani vallari to hit the ravan with the arrow and do the ravan dahan while maharni vallari at first denies it saying she don’t want to take their honours but the character ram insists her to do it and then maharani vallari hits the target ravan with the arrow and does the ravan dahan while gange and telam are seen sitting in jungle and they say to each other tat they will forget this revenge part and go back to their rajya and rule it properly and lastly they say tat famous saying now “kaha raja bhoj kaha gangu teli”(where is raja bhoj and where gangu and teli)
Raja bhoj and maharani vallari are seen in their palace where maharani tells tat she is very proud of him as they way he found out the culprits but she says tat she wants to know the secret tat he hid from and raja bhoj asks which secret vallari says tat the one of which gunas exam is he giving and then there comes mahamaya and vallari asks the lady tat who is she and raja bhoj then greets and welcome and tells tat she is devi mahamay and vallari also welcomes her and then mahamaya tells tat the truth is tat a exam is never faced only by telling tat it starts and this was the exam of u both and the good news is tat u both have successfully passed the exam of the selfrespect and raja bhoj is happy to know this and then asks raja bhoj to now go for the next step in achieving the singhasan battisi and then maharani vallari applies tika and does pooja and wishes him luck
Raja bhoj then gets ready and leaves to reach the old fort and then he stops in a jungle and a cyclone takes him to the old fort and he goes inside walking and the area is getting lightened and he reaches near the singhasan and climbs the steps and when he climbs the 13 th step and there appear a godess with a total of 5 replicas of her and she introduces her as nallini she is representing the female in the singhasan and raja bhoj asks devi nallini to tell him the story of vikramadityas and she narrates tat one fine day vikramaditya was sitting and practicing his music lessons and he suddenly heard a sound of females crying and thenhe hears it with more concenterattion to find out from where it is coming and he is surprised to hear tat it is coming from his own palace.

Vikramaditya tells chitralekha tat they are ladies who are not alive and then in his court a lady blames her daughter inlaw has hit her while the son says tat she was not here she is at her moms place and another man complains raja bhoj tat his father forced him to marry to take dowry and now he has gone crazy and vikramaditya is shocked to hear all these complains

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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