a simple story (episode 13)

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Next morning

Swasan were sleeping in each other embrace.but soon swara woke up and saw her position.
Swara pov:I don’t know what feeling I have for u sanskar, yesterday wen u tried to unite me wid laksh I really got angry,becoz I respect this relationship.but u r thinking wrongly,I should do something to change it thoughts but firstly I have to speak with laksh to not to interfere in my life.im happy with u, yes still I need time to accept this relation but I will not let laksh or anyone to create problems in it relationship.
Sanskar by the time woke up from sleep.

Sanskar:way r u thinking swara?(with guilt)r u still upset with me.im sorry yar pls…
Swara:I’m not upset with u,but with myself.maybe I failed at somewhere that u couldn’t trust me.
Sanskar: pagal hogay kya!! It’s me who misunderstood that u still love laksh,I came in to laksh s words.im sorry pls forgive me for last time I swear I will not do this again.(with tears)
Swara could not see his tears so she forgave him.

Swara:it’s quite late we should go down for aarthi, let’s freshen up.
Sanskar:swara….I’m sorry for that kiss also,I’m sorry I didn’t mean….
Swara: it’s ok(hesitantly)raise be it’s ur right.
Sanskar:(with smirk)accha,then y can’t we have one here.
Saying this he moved towards her.whereas swara was scared a little bit.
Swara:(stop him with her hand.)sanskar not now,wen the right time comes I myself will come to u.(with slight blush)

Sanskar:(bit disappointed) it’s ok.i understand u.
Swara saw this and felt bad.but next moment she gave a light peck on his cheek,ran to washroom.leaving shocked sanskar.
Sanskar (shocked then happy)swara way was that?U kissed me on ur own.
Swara(inside washroom) didn’t u liked it?If no don’t worry I will never do that.
Sanskar: nothing like that actually so suddenly u kissed na that s y.
Swara: keep ur smile always like that Mr.maheshwari.
Here sanskar was smiling like an idiot.
Soon both freshen up and went downstairs.
At dinning area,
All were having breakfast wen ap spoke

Ap:hi I’m thinking y can’t we give another chance to ragini ,I mean she is repenting for the deeds which she did.
DP along with others got shocked for a moment.
DP:ap way r u saying?Have u posted ragini did so much how can we accept her, she tried to kill her own sister,put blame on sanskar.
Ap:but hi,she is soory for all these things,I think we have to give her a another chance.

Suji:but hi how can we make a characterless girl like her as our dil.how can we forgive her.
Ap(with high voice);wen we can forgive sanskar and accept him back,then y can’t we forgive ragini.after all ragini was instigated by sanskar
only na.
Hearing this sanskar got sad,but swara held his
hand under the table and assured him wid her
eyes seeing this laksh got angry and jealous.
Swara: sorry to interrupt u badima,but sanskar before handly left the revenge.he became good
and stood by me in hard times,he tried to stop ragini but she didn’t listened him.so it was entirely her fault not sanskar s.
By that time dadi along with ragini entered mm and listened all.
Dadi and ragini we’re happy by ap supporting
and angry over swara.
Dadi :hey chorrey didn’t ur mother taught u manners that u should not speak in front of ur in-laws like this.
RP:kakisa I should know that I consider swara as my own daughter.dare not to say a word against her.

Ap: devarji pls don’t speak to her like this,she is ur elder.im sorry behalf of him kakisa.ragini it’s good u Have also came we r talking about u only.
Ragini:ma I have heard everything,I’m blessed to get a mil like u.(with tears)I’m sorry for all the things papaji,just give me one chance .
Suji:yes give her one chance so that she can destroy everything like before.
Ap:sujata!!Pls don’t speak anything it’s a request from me it’s abt my son’s life so pls
Suji:(hurted)jiji for this girl,u r talking to me like this.how could u?
Ap: sujata it’s not like u r thinking,I’m just worried abt laksh s future.i know ragini did wrong but we should give her a chance to become good.and I don’t have any personal grudges against sanskar,as u all know I treat sanskar as my own son, but look he’s settled in his life but wat about my laksh?We have to think abt right
DP:if it’s so,then we can make laksh marry with a nice girl.
RP:and I myself will search a good bride for laksh. Trust me bhabi
Hearing abt laksh marriage ragini was hurt.And dadi was angry.

Dadi:then wat abt society talks dpji?Who will give their daughter s in our samaj,after unsuccessful first marriage.thinl abt it,both our children life’s will be destroyed.dont come in to RPS or sujis talk,they will say anything but u and ur son should only bear it at the last.
Swara was silently listening till,but wen dadi was going on insulting her in-laws she couldn’t take it.
Swara:bas bohot hagaya.how dare u to talk to my in-laws like this.i have been sitting here silently as I don’t want to interfere in ur talks but u have crossed ur limit.so wat we’re u saying that society will taunt so then let me clear u that wrong deed s we’re done by ragini not by laksh so it’s clear that ur family only bear insults not mine.
Sanskar and all others were shockingly looking at her.
Laksh thought she is supporting him and wanted to come back in his life but little angry on him

Laksh:papa,ma and all of u present here,I want to clear that I and ragini cannot be together hereafter.so pls stop this discussion.
Ragini:Lakshji pls mere baat together suniye.im sorry for all the things accept me back in ur life.i promise I will prove to be good dil and wife.i love u lot Lakshji .
Laksh: I’m not even interested in seeing ur face so pls it would be better u urself leave from my Life.
Saying this he went towards stairs and started to climb,ragini was behind him convincing him to accept her back.at a point of time while convincing him she slipped from stairs and falled down.with blood oozing from her head (little injury only guys don’t worry)and fallen unconscious.all of them were shocked especially swara
Swara (while coming towards her and putting her head on her lap):ragini wake up,pls wake up.somebody call the doctor.mom pls bring a glass of water.
DP called doctor immediately and swara sprinkle water on raginis face but still no moment.
Dadi:hey chorrey this is all because of u,now pls leave my ladoo.
Swara:dekhiye at least be quite now,ragini is unconscious.let doctor come and check her. Then we will talk.

Ragini:laksh u know na swara is creating difference among us so stay away from her.
Sanskar kissing swara and sanskar was being slapped by swara

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Nice episode. Awwww!!!!!!!!! Swasan scenes……so sweet.!! Uffff.. this Laksh, because of him Swasan are hurt very much….. Please unite Swasan together and make Laksh jealous. Update next part soon Laxmi, please…. I really loves your ff.

  2. Rabia0032

    Awesome epi dear but Recap is scaring plzz dont seprate swasan ahh Post soo

  3. Rosey

    amazing yaar superbbb finally u posted please post next sooner

  4. Oh my God… precap is so shocking…. loved this part was awesome… but pls try to be regular dear

  5. Awesome

  6. amazing loved it

  7. A.xx

    Amazing but wan to see lakshya jealousy xx

  8. Soujanya


  9. Simi

    Swara will slap sanskar ?

  10. Churael Swara.Ek ladke pe concentrate nehi kar sakti?Tujhe kya Laksh & Ragini kya karte hai?&its funChurael Swara.Ek ladke pe concentrate nehi kar sakti?Tujhe kya Laksh & Ragini kya karte hai?&its funny that just coz Sanskar stood by her so his all sins are forgiven coz she is the heroine.What about how he used Ragini’s heartbreak&broken state for his own revenge?He brainwashed Ragini & not to forget how he taught her all the criminal ways of getting what she wants??&when he didn’t want revenge anymore then he suddenly came to her & announced that he is with swara so told her to stop.Like it is that easy after doing so many bad things & succeeding in it?Wasn’t it his responsibility to stay with her & make her understand to leave all these like a friend?Lol is serial ki yehi khaas baat hai swara ke sath ho jao & tumhare sare paap maap&Hypocrit MM wasis can forgive their son so easily but can’t forgive their bahu.And that chamelan Sujata she is the one who told Mohini to kill Swara & now behaving like holier than thou.Yes Ragini did crimes but have they ever showed the injustices which happened to her?Has Laksh ever thought about her?How insulting & hurtful it was for her when he broke engagement with her again&again and chose her sister over her?And her mahaan sister ever thought when she started affair with her sister’s would be husband??What kind of a girl fall for their sister’s would be husband?Only those who never cared about the relation she had with him&never maintained it’s bounderies.Swara never behaved like a sister in law with Laksh.All the time hanging out with him,dancing,talking on phone,hugging.Yuck.Only coz of Ragini she got her father’s name & her mother got to marry her love.Shomi was her mother’s sautan but still Ragini gave her mother’s place to him.Laksh ws Ragini’s fiance but it was swara who used to spend time with Laksh.She got way too close to him.Did she ever try to bring RagLak together by making them meet or by trying to make them hang out?NO.She always tried to break their relation by saying he is not a good guy or he doesn’t love you blah blah.So isse usko kya?Arranged marriages don’t happen?Doesn’t love happen after marriage?You will happily marry your sister’s love & ex fiance & would expect she will dance in your wedding??Has they ever showed how betrayed & humiliated Ragini felt when swara confessed her love for Laksh to her?Did Ragini tell her to fall for her would be husband??Now some will say love knows no bounderies & can happen with anyone.Yeah then you can fall for your brother,uncle&brother in law and say the same thing.Zindagi jeene ke kuch tarike hote hai.So yeh behtar hai ke hum apne rishton ke hadh ko samjhe!!Has they ever showed How painful it was for Ragini to see swa—-lak romancing infront of her??They always showed Ragini’s pain in a negative way jst to show how right&mahaan swara is.After getting green signal from Ragini she was happily marrying laksh despite knowing how much Ragini loves him.&The greattt family was sooo happy with the marriage of their daughter with a guy who broke their other daughter’s heart again&again and for whom she almost died.No one thought about her.How insensitive these people were.The great mother shomi,swara&dadi and others saw Ragini crying badly seeing swa—-lak getting engaged but still continued though they know how much it was hurting Ragini.If it was any other girl She wouldn’t have done but she was feeling angry,cheated & betrayed to see how her so called soul sister for whom she did so much was snatching away the only thing she has ever wanted in her life & no one was understanding her pain.Yes Ragini became wrong she started harming swara with sanskaar but swara bhi koi doodh ki dhuli nehi thi&after that they had to make Ragini a murderer jst to take Swara’s mahaanta&bechaargi to next level.After that drug man also became saint coz he was in swara’s team & Ragini alone became the evil.Everyone loved & wanted swara & Ragini got only rejections,pain&humiliation. if I was in Ragini’s place & my sister & my fiance betrayed me like this then I woul have slapped them both&never seen their faces & moved on from this fake family.Why would I choose the path of crimes for people like them?Faltu serial.

    1. Laxmi1996

      First of all thanks for commenting.i really wanna tell u that it is the longest comment that I have ever read.and speaking abt ur pov, although u r correct I wanna say if ragini had problem with swara marrying laksh,she should have said it directly to her, instead of harming her, maligning her character or at least after marrying laksh,she should have told truth to her papa.After swara request.this is my pov,I hope I didn’t hurt u with my words.

    2. Mica

      well, Ragini is mature person, followed Sanskar words was her decision only, no force, no blackmailing from Sanskar’s side…..1 thing from those serial, Sanskar asked her to back off TWICE..
      -1st as he thought that it can harm Ragini (Ragini got electric shock for preventing Swara know the truth, Sanskar thought that she did for him, but the FACT, she did it for herself)

      -2nd, when Swara almost killed. Sanskar NEVER think to harm anyone lives as Ragini did.

      SO, you can’t blame Sanskar for Ragini’s cruelty.

      About Swara roamed with Laksh, you can’t blame her as Laksh more comfort to share everything with her,…

  11. Zelena81196

    amazing… update soon…

  12. No don’t seperate swasan pls

  13. SNY

    Amazing dr…
    Nxt one soon..

  14. amazing update… want more swasan scenes… curious to know why sanskar was slapped by swara… ragini fainting might be her new drama to stay in mm… and laksh dont understand that swara move on in life… still thinking about her… pls post next update soon…

  15. Praju

    Poor sanskar. …. swara pls don’t slap my sanskar

  16. Akankshanna

    Oossssmmmmm……….plzzzz give ragini’s positive side …….y she manipulated by dadi….give her some uswful thinkings…….

  17. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Bt prcp swara slpd sanskar ???
    N dun want ragini to b frgvn

  18. Awesome dear

  19. Outstanding

  20. Vyshu10

    awesome….swasan r adorable…liked d way swara is standing for her in laws n vice versa. But ragini, ap, dadi r still fools…kiss is nice but why slap????

  21. Mica

    love it Laxmi.. but precap ????

  22. Hemalattha


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