Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki asks Raunak where is Kajal did u find anything,Raunak says no ma,Vidhi says don’t worry Kajal will be here, she must be out for some imp reason n Didi we shd go n have Prasad according to ritual, Janki says but Kajal shd be here,Neeti says ma Chachi is right lets go,u all have food,Janki says n what abt u, Neeti says ma I shd leave, vinays friends are home n will come next time ,Janki says ok take care,Raunak walks with Neeti,Neeti says bhaiya my cab will be here u go,Raunak says no I will wait, Kartik comes, raunaks ays hi how come u here, Kartik says here for work so thought of wishing aunty n u both,Raunak says Neeti leaving so waiting for cab, Kartik says why cab I will drop u,just wish aunty n come,Kartik leaves.

Neeti says bhaiya looks like u n bhabhi in tension but relax we know bhabhi is very nice she must be in some tension too all will be fine, don’t worry,Kartik comes n says come lets go,Neeti n Kartik leave.

Vinay n Sanjana come out, his Friends confuse her with Neeti,Vinay says she isn’t my wife, Sanjana says yes I’m his sister in law,Vinay says Neeti will be here soon. Sakshi says papa plz come with me I have a surprise for u,rauank leaves with Sakshi,Sakshi says papa close ur eyes,Sakshi takes him in room n shows him frames picture of his Kajal n Sakshi together on the wall, rauank gets very happy seeing it n the new loo of room,Sakshi says this ur surprise for me n mom,rauank remembers sharing his thought abt new room to Kajal,Sakshi asks did u like it, rauank says yes very nice,Sakshi says even I told her this that its very nice.

Raunak says Sakshi I’m missing ur mom, God knows where she is,I hope she was here with us, Sakshi n rauank join everyone on dinning table,Kamini asks where is Janki, Vidhi says she went to her room,to have medicines,Kamini says ok let’s have food, Sakshi hears horn n says I guess mom is he n rushes to door, Janki smiling comes in corridor,Kajal walks in with rauanks dad.

Everyone shocked to see him, janki smiling in corridor,Rauank gets very angry,Raunak has the flashes of past when his dad tried to kill him,Janki to herself says wow ur work is done Janki, Raunak says Sakshi go to ur room, Sakshi leaves Kajal walks to Raunak n says sir, Raunak stops her no ays what is this man doing in my house, actually I don’t even care, take him away from where u got him,kajals at sir he is ur dad, Raunak says Kajal don’t ever say that again,this man isn’t my dad, he spoilt our lives,n what’s wrong with u, why did u get him here, do u think we lie to u, Kajal says he is ur dad n all I know his mental state is t stable ,Raunak says good for him it’s his punishment I guess,Kajal says sir, Janki walks down n says yes tell us Kajal what it is.

Rauanks dad sees Janki n says u n picks a flower pot n throws on Janki,it hits her head. Kartik says Neeti relax we will reach in time,why so stressed,Neeti says actually vinays friends waiting for me home,Kartik says is everything fine between u in Vinay, I mean are u happy, Neeti says yes I am,Kartik remembers Sanjana says Neeti ain’t happy with Vinay.

Everyone rushes to Janki, Raunak says Stay away Kajal,Vidhi gets ice, rauanks dad says u are bad very bad n walks to Janki, Kajal says stop but he pushes Kajal n abt to slap Janki,Raunak stops him, dad keeps saying she is bad,Raunak throwing him home,Kajal says sir plz stop don’t u want to know why he is this way, Raunak says he always was this way n I don’t need ur advice,he is done a lot.

Kajal says Raunak sir what are u doing stop, I will not allow u take him away, why don’t u understand,see his condition,don’t u want to know how he is this way n why did he do so, Raunak says he has troubled my ma a lot, Kajal says sir may b it’s not the complete truth even ma could be wrong,Raunak says enough Kajal n abt to slap her but stops, Kamini says look munmun this relation is all good to gone now,Kajal says why did u stop go ahead slap me, Raunak says bcoz of this Man U pointed my ma n so even u don’t deserve to stay here,I don’t wish to see ur faces no,Janki smiling behind there.

Pre cap : Janki says Kajal what do u think u got Raunaks dad home,no I was behind all this n it was planned so that Raunak hates u n I win now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Kajal shld leave Raunak immediately if she has got some self respect.

  2. So true nb! And the day Kajal stops calling Raunak ‘sir’ will be the day that they’ll not have such a fake relationship.

    1. True. In this serial many relations are shown weak and lifeless. Like Sanjana and Neeti’s, Raunak and Kajal’s and now Raunak and his father’s. Also why are the characters living in someone else’s house and scheming to spoil that house itself like Kamini – Munmun and Sanjana.

  3. Update plz

  4. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Oh god please update the 10th May episode. It’s too late

  5. Its was amazing……………………….. I wish I could update for you Kumari but dont know how?? Kajal was awesome!!

  6. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Yeah i watched the episode ..kajal was superb. And we all knw that raunak is short temperd ..anyway he’s cute super acting

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