Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal very upset with jankis rudeness n walks away n is thinking abt jankis insult, kajal is in tears, akshay walks to her, akshays friends call him, kajal says go meet ur friends we will talk later, akshay leaves, kajal looks at raunak n abt to leave, raunak stops her, kajal says I have to leave I had call from home asking to be there actually my brother got scholarship n leaves.
Akshay says no janki aunty, akshay says raunak is my friend, janki says don’t u forget what I can do n so repay things u have to make raunak against kajal, akshay says but kajal is very nice girl, janki says I don’t need u to tell me abt all these things, janki walks to kamini n says one tikka of kajal is very nice but all over face n applies kajal all over face n says I cant this kajal be in my raunaks life n akshay I guess u got my signs n hope u will think of ur family before friendship right son, akshay says aunty I know my limits but raunak I am sorry he is my brother I cant do this n leaves.
Kamini says janki now what, why not u reject her, janki says in that case raunak may make her his wish n I don’t want that n also kajal n my thinking is very similar n that worsen the situation.
Ashok is busy addressing people at vinays scholarship party, akshay comes with kajal ,ashok says akshay is looking so upset kajal give him is fav food n cheer him up n leaves. Kajal gives akshay jalebis, kajal says akshay janki devi is treating raunak sir very badly, akshay starts coughing n says what, kajal says she treats her like a robot n wants him to act on ber instructions, her love are handcuffs for raunak sir n today she insulted me I felt bad but I felt more bad for raunak sir, n raunak sir has no idea abt it, according to janki devi raunak sir cant even have friends without her permission what troublesome it will be if raunak sir falls in love.
Akshay starts coughing, raunak calls akshay n says I think I shd talk to ma before kajal, kajal says I will get u water, raunak says is kajal with u how nice did she talk abt me, akshay says I will talk to u later, raunak says no worries u come I will tell u my plan, janki sees raunak happy n asks what is it why are u so happy, raunak says ma I want to tell u something, janki thinks god I wish he doesn’t ask abt kajal, janki acts as if fainting,raunak says ma whats wrong, let me call doc, janki says u stay with me that’s all I need, n says raunak only u matter to me n nothing else, raunak says ma I don’t like to see u in pain, u are my life, n hugs her.
Ashok goes to kajal,kajal says dad ate so many sweets plz take care of urself, ashok says what will I do without u, how will I live after ur marriage, ur my pride kajal n hugs her.
Janki next morning walks to raunaks room with closed eyes n opens eyes n hears raunak saying akshay this letter for kajal with all my feelings, akshay says atlast, raunak says n yes u will deliever it n now go before ma comes, akshay leaves n janki hides, she comes back again n sees raunak on bed acting as asleep n thinks that girl already started creating differences.

Precap: munshi tells ashok that janki has asked to u repay loan within a month, ashok is shocked.
Janki says akshay I have kept money behind ur father cupboard n if police finds it u will lose ur father.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. How disturbing mom, really very bad, first sakshi goenka, now janki devi. But one thing sakshi goenka have not cheap thought like janki devi ……

    1. Hi riya u rmbr me??? Yes ur right

  2. Another worst serial from Balaji. Casting is bad. Kajal does not look young. The dialogues are so creepy. The trp’s will not be good

    1. Who said u dis show is from balaji???…it is from rashmi sharma telefilms….

  3. Faltu story….that same saas n bahu drama…

  4. Very correct. Shakshi goenka has standard nd dis janki devi is cheap nd typical thought. Shakshi goenka being villane has attitude nd standard.

  5. This janki was apt for her role in ek mutthi aasman as very caring and calm and bold …..

    But truth is she does not suit this character ….. Yup shakshi goenka had class in her acting as a rich and arrogant lady …. But janki lacks tht skil of rich attitude ladyy …..

    Hmm yea casting is not good …. also dialogues are very cheap ….
    Its my pov …. Sorry if anyone is hurt …..

  6. I also agree with u Devga.Really Janki is so cheap.

  7. The way jaanki says her dialogues is soooooo creepy.. like she is a serial killer or something.. who talks like that.. hahahaha

  8. Another flap serial slips not suitable for this role

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